Need in solving a programm in FOTRAN

  1. Friends,
    i have written a program in FOTRAN for solving a equation [f(x0,y0)= 2*(y**2)+5]
    I'm in the learning stage of FOTRAN. So please don't mind if my program has got any silly mistakes.
    Please help in executing the program.

    program rungekutta


    print*,"enter the value of x0"

    print*,"enter the value of y0"

    print*,"enter the value of step size"

    print*,"solution for the equation is",rk(x0,y0,h)

    call runge(m,f1,n,h,x1)


    function rk(y) result(r)

    !Example: y'=(2*y^2+5)

    real y,r

    r = (2*(y**2)+5)
    end function rk(y)

    Subroutine runge(m,f1,n,h,x1)

    integer f1,i,j,m,n,h

    real x,w1,w2,w3,w4,x0,y;

    do i=1, m
    ni = (i - 1) * f1 - 1
    do j=1, f1
    x = x1 + h * (n + j)
    w1 = h * f(x0,y0)
    w2 = h * f(x0+h/2, y0+w1/2)
    w3 = h * f(x0+h/2, y0+w2/2)
    w4 = h * f(x0+h, y0+w3)
    x = x0 + h

    x = y + (w1 + w2 + w2 + w3 + w3 + w4) / 6

    end do

    end do

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  3. what does the subroutine runge do for you? it is not being used anywhere.

    why if function rk is declared with 1 argument, you pass 3 to it?
  4. yes sir,
    i do agree. but I'm not able not correct that .
    Can u help me in writing the correct step.
    I took an equation (2*(y**2)+5)
    i want to solve this using Runge kutta.
    Thanks in advance
  5. There are at least several problems that you need to rectify.
    (In future, include all the error messages with your post, along with the

    1. You need "IMPLICIT NONE" in the program and in each subroutine
    and function.

    2. What is "f"?

    3. when you invoke rk, it is with 3 arguments.
    Yet the function is defined with only one dummy argument.

    4. You requested the input of "x0", but you read the value into "x", etc.
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