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Need recommendation on a good Partial differential Equation textbook.

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    I want to buy another Partial differential equation and Boundary value problems textbook.

    The ones I have are:

    1) Partial Differential Equation, An Introduction by Walter A. Strauss.
    2) Partial differential equation and Boundary value problems by Nakhle Asmar.
    3) Differential Equation with Boundary Value Problems by Dennis G. Zill and Michael R. Cullen.
    4) Boundary value problems and Partial differential equations by David L. Powers.
    5) Elementary Differential Equation and Boundary Value Problems by William E. Boyce and Richard C. Diprima.

    Each book really have different presentation. Since I study on my own, I have to look at different point of views. I like 2) and 3) the best. The others are not very good.


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    One I found to be a good introduction is Partial Differential Equations by Farlow. It is a book more oriented to applications than the mathematics, but still contains good mathematics. It is nicely divided up into small lessons.
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    The book by Lawrence C. Evans and the one by Fritz John.
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    I do not recommend the book by Evans, especially as an introduction. It's the supplementary book in a course I'm in right now, and it is of little help. There is practically no discussion, he leaves it to the reader to fill in way too many details so that there is little gained in using the book for self-study, and his notation is non-standard.
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    Thanks guys
    I am looking for one with detail on the how they arrive with formulas. A lot of book only give you the formulas. It is easy to plug numbers into the formulas but you don't learn much. I like to see how people arrive with the formulas. I really don't need books to explain the concept, just need the step by step how they get the formulas.

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