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Need Solutions Manual for Mechanics of Materials

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    Need Solutions Manual for "Mechanics of Materials"

    I am trying to locate someone that has a solutions manual for "Mechanics of Materials" Edition 4 by Beer, Johnston and Dewolf...copyright about 2005. If anyone has one or happens to know where to get one or where to look I would be appreciative. They are invaluable as study tools. Thanks ahead of time for any ideas.
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    Hey want to see if you had found a solutions manual. i am also on the search for one.
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    Thread locked. 5 warning points given to M98Ranger and rxbandit (halfway to a PF ban, guys).

    Instructor solution manuals are for instructors (hence the name), not for students. The PF will not condone cheating in any way, and will deal with attempts at cheating harshly. Learn the material, just like the rest of us did on the way to our success.
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