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Needing a simple microcontroller to program ADC0831

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    Hi all,

    I am building a LED tomography system (think of it as a simple transmitter and receiver). I would like to do signal processing on the received data, so I am needing to convert my analog, received signal to a digital signal.

    The ADC I have chosen is the ADC0831 (DIP package). The schematic for this part is here: http://www.futurlec.com/ADConv/ADC0831.gif. I need a microcontroller that I can program to provide the high and low signals needed to use this ADC.

    Does anyone have any experience in doing this? I have seen the Basic Stamp used in this, but I would like to keep the sizing of the microcontroller to a minimum (if possible). Thanks!

    - Satchmo05
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    The ADC0831 is an 8 bit ADC and it is serial, which means you only get 256 levels and you have to do a lot of bit-bashing to get a result.

    I would suggest you get a Picaxe 8M2.
    This uses a language similar to the Basic Stamp, it does 10 bit ADC so you get 1024 levels of ADC, and it is a small 8 pin chip which just needs 5 volts to operate.
    And it actually has 3 ADC inputs.

    You need to make up a simple 3 wire programming cable but you can salvage the wire from an old serial mouse.

    The programming software is free and the chip costs about $3

    The actual command for reading the ADC input is
    readadc10 c.4, W4
    where c.4 describes pin 3 of the chip, and W4 is the variable you put the value into.

    Then you can use W4 in calculations as you like.
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    Thanks vk6kro,

    The part seems like a great find for my application. Cheers,

    - Satchmo05
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