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Neurology / Electromagnetic/ Frequency / Broadcasting question on Physics

  1. Feb 7, 2009 #1
    Neurology / Electromagnetic/ Frequency / Broadcasting question on "Physics"

    Neurology / Electromagnetic/ Frequency / Broadcasting question On "Physics"

    Say you have a brain running at 10-200 millionths of a volt at 1-13 Hz and you put a gold crown around it and hooking it up to a TV antenna with gold wire and some quartz crystals.

    Would this boost the power of the frequency’s being broadcast or somehow strengthen the electromagnetic waves???

    Is there any way to boost the transmission of a biological circuit like this or would that be impossible because it only works with copper wires or something?.
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    Re: Neurology / Electromagnetic/ Frequency / Broadcasting question on "Physics"

    Recording these signals is a common medical procedure called EEG (electroencephalography). You could simply run the recorded signal through a big amplifier if you wanted to amplify them for some reason. However, such low frequency waves would be very difficult to "broadcast". You would need a 15,000 mile long antenna.
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