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New Electronics Promise Wireless at Warp Speed

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    Wireless networking technology will one day deliver high-definition video content and other large data files via the airwaves far faster than that information can be now be delivered over wired systems. But it will take major advances in the electronics that drive computer and radio-frequency systems to create such a high-powered wireless highway.
    Conventional semiconductors are built using silicon-based substrates (the material upon which semiconductor devices are fabricated), but metal-insulator electronics can be made atop less pricey glass, metal or plastic substrates. Phiar's approach is to place two metal layers on either side of a double layer of insulation. When voltage is applied, electrons tunnel through the insulator layers with the help of a "quantum well" that forms between the two insulators.

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    I love the quote about using 60GHz for wireless. "Since higher frequencies are more easily contained by walls you can have a different 60GHz network in each room" - instead of "our new wireless requires line of sight to the transmitter"
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    Hey! It's a "feature" not a bug.:rolleyes:
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    maybe the graphine-based transistor will help with that. granted some one can get it thin enough to use by the time that gets going. I mean if info is being transmitted that fast, the comp/recieving device would need to as fast/faster to compensate for it.
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