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New Member: Chuck

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    I'm Chuck. A mechanical engineering student working on his senior project in his last semester. I went mechanical engineering instead of physics because I could never understand electricity or magnetism and there seem more high paying job opportunities for engineers. I study Particle and Quantum Physics in my free time because it's the only thing that actually makes me think and it is so damn interesting. Thinking about doing a masters degree in some type of physics, materials, or a branch of mechanical engineering depending on what pays the most as long as I love it. If I never had to worry about money I would spend the rest of my life building, designing, customizing, and fixing up cars or else studying Quantum Physics. Proving things like quantum entanglement and the like give me goosebumps. If you have any links for research on these topics feel free to comment them below and I will be forever grateful.
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    That was me too. And it was damn hard for me to get rid of my own like.
    I find myself more interested in something else that I can earn a little more :DD e.g either via trading some things online/offline or doing businesses in real estate. Researchers are different but academic knowledge and competitions in colleges where teachers are referees are mainly for young people. Do you have any "referees,supervisors or committee" for value realization and evaluation for competitiveness in your college ? I guess you do. Sadly in my previous college I had none and remember having to use online forums. :biggrin:
    I've been here for a while so I think you might be interested in making specific questions in their corresponding forums to get helped.
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