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New member! Regular high school student, just likes physics.

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    Hi all! I'm Anna, a 16 year old sophomore in high school. I'm in the pre-IB program and just recently started AP Physics, which to my great surprise, I really enjoy. Quantum physics, especially, just blows my mind whenever I read or watch anything about it.

    I also really like genetics, epidemiology, AI, psychology, and I've especially loved writing for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure what I want to do with my future but it'll surely involve writing a book of some kind. Ambitions, ambitions. I also love movies and books and normal teenager things, of course. I'm agnostic, I have green hair... I don't know, I'm pretty boring. Ask me whatever and I'll answer. :)

    I'm looking forward to meeting you all and learning new things! Thanks for reading.

    - Anna
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    Welcome to PF Anna!
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