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New member who dis?

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    I am a highschool student who wants to go on to graduate school for a physics degree. I want at least a masters.

    I guess I'm here because I'm bored with school (The classes are either boring or easy (In most cases both)). I've attended a technical school for IT and have discovered it to be EXTREMELY BORING. I want something I can enjoy for the rest of my life and after a bit of effort I've found physics. I'm no math wizz or Einstein.

    Because of my CTE (Career in Technical Education) program at the technical school, I have not had the chance to take an in-depth course in physics and my highest math education is pre-calculus. I like the calc but the algebra can kill me sometimes.

    I work well with a group but faster on my own. However, due to a lack of confidence I find myself unable to communicate my ideas in an efficient manor. I have been making an effort to rectify this, however it is still a bit of a problem.

    I have been on a FIRST robotics team for 3 years now and have had a leadership role with most of the programmers and have had my hand in most of the design. This club got me interested in physics. Another reason I'm joining this forum is to read other people's theory and scout the waters, as it were, to what physics actually is.
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    Welcome to the forum. In terms of "other people's theories", the only such discussed here are ones that are part of mainstream physics. Personal theories are banned. If you haven't read the rules yet, do so. This is a forum where they are really enforced. The good news is that is unquestionably the best Internet forum in English for physics in particular and STEM in general.
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