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Newton's Principia and Euclid's Elements

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    I have always wanted to read the textbooks in the thread title.

    But their styld is so old.

    Does someone know of any "middle of the road" textbooks?

    By that, I mean: books that basically teach what these two men wrote, but, perhaps with updated language, or some really-not-essential stuff removed.

    I am not as much interested in learning about topics from the books (well, I suppose I sort of am) -- but more like, learning how these men thought (but with occassional and precise rewording of some basic things).
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    A free 21st century version of Euclid (recommended by Stillwell in Four Pillars of Geometry) is an online compilation from David Joyce available here:


    - - -
    if you really want to dive into original Euclid, Stillwell would recommend David Heath's English translation -- dated 1925 and quite long (all of Elements plus a lot of commentary from Heath).
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