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Night vision based on OLED technology

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    Hello, I started this topic to discuss interesting new night vision technology that was presented on TED talks. Old, expensive and bulky IR (or other light spectrum) IIT amplifier could be replaced with very thin OLED based, cheaper and low power consuming image intensifier which was developed by scientists of Florida university Do Young Kim and Franki So. Because of that they could be used in mass scale not only by military but for cars, surveillance, cameras and almost eliminate need for artificial light.
    I don't know when in the future this sort of NV will be mass produced but I want to get my hands this technology soon. Is it very sophisticated device to manufacture? As much as I read device is similar to plastic OLED, device consists of: graphene layer acting as sensor and seven layers that amplify signal, eventually phosphorus layer hit by electrons produces image. Is that correct?

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    I already wrote to Franki So by email, but still got no reply.
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