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News No Blair Force One?

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    Does the British PM normally travel on commercial flights? I find this quite unusual!


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    That does seem rather odd, did they have their armed guards flying along also? What kind of risk does this put the traveling public in?
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    He is just the head worker bee in a system
    that has a Queen bee unlike ours
    we have no royal so invent one in the president
    but they cannot have two in their system
    away a PM can and has been quickly replaced as needed
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    Bargain-price Blairs fly in but are spared the no-frills scrummage

    Blair had received quite a bit of criticism for using the Queen's Flight for personal travel earlier this year. Now he travels commercial unless it's on official business.

    Evidently, Mrs. Blair likes to be prepared for any occasion while travelling. I guess she has a lot of luggage.
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    Fair play to them. If Ryanair is good enough for the gander, there's no reason why they shouldn't be using it.
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