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Astronomy Non Calculus Astronomy Math textbook

  1. Dec 29, 2015 #1
    I am participating in science olympiad just for fun this year, because i have a mild interest in astronomy. I am in the astronomy event, my partner has decided to split the knowledge into math and non-math, and as i will be handling the math I would like a book(or however many) that has equations/derivations/practice problems for astronomical math that doesn't use calculus.

    I'm trying to rush through math prep so i can go back to studying for USAPhO(national selection for IPhO traveling team), but i suppose a book briefly covering the conceptual topics would be nice too.

    While you're at it, recommend the best astronomy textbooks that cover most of the listed requirements as well, as i may be repeating the event next year for fun, and shall have more time then. For now, I'll focus on the mathematical aspect of astronomy.

    attached is the event outline for astronomy, Thanks fellow nerds :v

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    I think Universe by Roger Freedman is quite good. It covers both concepts and (mostly) non-calculus math. It contains most of the concepts on your pdf.
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    Astro2 by seeds/blackman is the only book that I can think of that might be what you want. You can buy a copy on amazon without the code for less than 20 bucks.

    You may also like the online labs/interactive applets at http://astro.unl.edu/naap/, you can read a lot of good content then attempt the labs. Should also cover everything you listed for free.
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    Thanks, I will check all those sources out.
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