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Non-electrical conductive material for extreme P&T

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    I'm building a thing that needs to survive in extreme conditions.
    So I'm looking for a non-electrical conductive material that has a yield strength around 1100 MPa at temperature around 200 C.

    As long as the material is available on the market, cost will not be a problem.
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    We really do need to have you very carefully parse this expression for meaning.
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    Edited. Sorry for my english
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    Is the material "an insulator?" Is it not?
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    You want it to be electrically nonconductive?

    Or, maybe you want it to conduct heat but not conduct electricity?
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    Sorry for the late reply, it has not to be an insulator. It is more like a housing.
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    Thanks for the reply. I just want it to be electrically non-conductive. I just need a material that is stable at these temperature.
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    Aluminum oxide ceramic has the compressive strength and temperature resistance you want. It's flexural strength is only around 330 MPa, though.

    I think you may want to redesign your housing to use something easier to source.
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    Why do you need a material that would have to be stronger than most high tensile steels just for a housing ?
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