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Non flammable, off the shelf propane like gas question?

  1. Oct 19, 2015 #1
    I'm trying to compress a gas at max 300 psi. I'm making an air tank that will move a small turbine to make electricity. The problem, as I found out, is that 1L at 300 psi is not that much air and I need it to run for about a minute. When I fill my tank with air from a compressor, i run out of air rather quickly. I have a constant pressure regulator that I set at 90 psi and that is enough to move my turbine.

    I noticed that you can put a lot of propane, or dust blower gas inside a can because they become a mixture under some pressure.

    Is there any cheap non flammable gas that I could use to achieve about a minute at 80 psi given the constrains of my tank? ( 300 psi max and 1L)

    to clarify: the 80 psi are channeled through a soccer pump adapter like this

    Thanks a lot for any suggestion
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    Refrigerants have such properties, but may be illegal for such use. Some fire protection agents may work. See FM200 (temperature/pressure curve on page 7): https://www.chemours.com/FE/en_US/assets/downloads/pdf_fm/k23261_FM-200_PUSH.pdf

    It's a bit below your requirement (though you didn't specify a temperature) and note that the temperature and pressure drop as any pressurized liquid boils, but I'm not sure if beggars can be choosers...
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    CO2 is another option.
    Small tanks can be bought fairly cheap from brewing supply stores.
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    You don't mention the flow rate you need.
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    Several of the inert gases used in MIG or TIG welding would probably work. The big cost would be paying for the initial tank. Since this type of welding has become more popular there are retailer welding stores that have CO2 and Argonne. There is a nationwide chain of stores named Praxair.
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    Is it possible to actually use propane and run an i/c engine with it ?

    Otherwise if just using compressed non fuel gasses it may be better to use a positive displacement engine rather than a turbine
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    I would suggest argon....its inert and heavier than air. You can buy it at any welding supply store
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    Assuming you're not set using whatever tank you have, a paintball tank would be a good source of N2 or air,
    at 3000psi or 4500psi. Your 1L is equivalent to 60 cubic inch and they come in this size (and up to 110cu inch).
    They have standard pressure regulators to get the pressure down to something manageable. You'll need to fill
    these at a proper paintball or scuba fill location. Research the safety issues if considering this option.
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    The gas is Argon. The Argonne Forest is in northest France, and is the site of the Argonne-Meuse Offensive in WW I. Argonne can also refer to the town of that name in Wisconsin, or the Argonne National Lab, near Chicago, IL
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