What is Calculators: Definition and 55 Discussions

An electronic calculator is typically a portable electronic device used to perform calculations, ranging from basic arithmetic to complex mathematics.
The first solid-state electronic calculator was created in the early 1960s. Pocket-sized devices became available in the 1970s, especially after the Intel 4004, the first microprocessor, was developed by Intel for the Japanese calculator company Busicom. They later became used commonly within the petroleum industry (oil and gas).
Modern electronic calculators vary from cheap, give-away, credit-card-sized models to sturdy desktop models with built-in printers. They became popular in the mid-1970s as the incorporation of integrated circuits reduced their size and cost. By the end of that decade, prices had dropped to the point where a basic calculator was affordable to most and they became common in schools.
Computer operating systems as far back as early Unix have included interactive calculator programs such as dc and hoc, and calculator functions are included in almost all personal digital assistant (PDA) type devices, the exceptions being a few dedicated address book and dictionary devices.
In addition to general purpose calculators, there are those designed for specific markets. For example, there are scientific calculators which include trigonometric and statistical calculations. Some calculators even have the ability to do computer algebra. Graphing calculators can be used to graph functions defined on the real line, or higher-dimensional Euclidean space. As of 2016, basic calculators cost little, but scientific and graphing models tend to cost more.
In 1986, calculators still represented an estimated 41% of the world's general-purpose hardware capacity to compute information. By 2007, this had diminished to less than 0.05%.

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  1. pairofstrings

    B Finding Online PEMDAS Calculators

    Hello. I have an equation that looks like following: I want to re-write the terms of the above equation adhering to PEMDAS. I have seen the web but I could find none. Thanks.
  2. L

    Recursive sequence calculators

    I know the http://www.calcul.com/ but it is offline some days. Do you know any other online free ones? I.e. that calculates the far values of a recursive sequence.
  3. jedishrfu

    When Calculators lie will anyone notice?

    https://www.everythinglubbock.com/news/local-news/ttu-study-most-people-blindly-trust-calculators-even-when-they-lie/ Grad student studies people’s blind belief in a calculators accuracy.
  4. D

    I Calculate Time & Distance Dilations: 50k Years & 1 Day

    I m a noob, I wanted to figure out the time dilation for an observer on Earth who passed 50,000 years, and the Traveler at light speed(99.9%) passed ONE DAY. I mean we pass 50,000 years on Earth and the Traveler spends One day.Problem is I tried many online calculator, but each one is giving me...
  5. fresh_42

    B List of Online Calculators for Math, Physics, Earth and Other Curiosities

    I've gone through my bookmarks and found some interesting aka helpful online tools. Please report broken links to a moderator. Additional ones should be added here, so again please contact a moderator. Links checked: 06/20/23 Latest Update: 12/19/23 (Omni Calculator) Time...
  6. matqkks

    I How do Calculators add fractions with different denominators

    How does computer technology add fractions with different denominators?
  7. M

    Graphing Calculators vs. Smartphones

    I was wondering about to buy a graphing/scientific calculator but I have some hesitations. Should I really buy one to make math study better or would buying a smartphone be a better choice? I have an win 8.1 smartphone with 512 mb ram and 4.5-inch screen. Would it be a better choice to buy a...
  8. L

    Who uses scientific calculators?

    Who uses scientific calculators, aside from students and teachers? Engineers and physicists, I suppose. Maybe mathematicians too.
  9. B

    What is BrickViking's experience in technology and computing?

    I came to this forum having followed a thread about calculator comparisons (mathematics), but I'm intending to fill out my maths knowledge then support it with more physics information and comp sci. I've been knocking around on the Internet since about 1996, and had rattled around on some BBSes...
  10. Indianspirit

    Testing policy for using calculators at U of I ? Just wonder

    Just wondering if anyone happened to know how to find out the policy at University of Indianapolis for taking something like calculus or statistics. It just seems like a work load if they have you tests by hand. I'd just like to know because it'd make me relieved.
  11. S

    Why are students permitted to use calculators on AP math?

    When I was in college, calculators were forbidden on all calculus exams and quizzes. In fact, many universities still forbid the use of calculators. Why are calculators, such as the TI-89, even permitted on such exams as the SAT and AP? I'm a recent college graduate and I was allowed to use...
  12. F

    Anybody else dependent on a computer algebra system (CAS)?

    HI all, I am working my way slowly through some classical mechanics books, and I don't think I could function without my CAS (most often my trusty HP 50g, sometimes Giac/Xcas). I have never been very good at pages of algebra, often dropping negatives or whatever, bad enough that working...
  13. davidbenari

    How calculators compute stuff (like irrational exponentiation)

    I'm just curious as to how a calculator does the following operation: ##5^{1/\pi}## I mean, it has to look for the number that raised to the power of pi, gives me 5. I think that's insane. How does it do that? How does a calculator store the value of pi? -- I guess that's a more boring...
  14. A

    What do people still use graphing calculators for?

    Good day, I was born in the 90s and as you know, having calculators back then was a cool thing; like having the Game Boy, SNES or the Genesis. I was very fond of calculators and I still am and from time to time check out what's new on the market. To say the truth, I still use may CASIO FX-115 to...
  15. M

    Calculators Do graphing calculators still make sense?

    Hello, I lost my HP50g calculator a week ago and have ever since been contemplating whether buying another graphing calculator makes sense. Given that most of these graphing calculators are not allowed anywhere near exam halls, I have long since stationed my calculator home. Having started using...
  16. M

    MHB A question about graphing calculators

    I need an advice about graphing calculators. I need to purchase one for my Math class, but I don't know which one to buy. What is it that should think about, when choosing the right one? What features does it have? What features should it have in order to be a decent calculator? I've never had...
  17. Superposed_Cat

    How do calculators calculate trig function?

    Hi I was wondering how calculators calculate trigonometric functions. Do they use taylor polynomials(if so what order) or what? any help appreciated.
  18. F

    Calcuting forces on a slope (cycling) -online calculators wrong?

    I'm trying to deduce the forces acting on a cyclist going up a hill and I need help. There's 2 questions: Q.1 I've looked at online calculator already in existence: http://www.analyticcycling.com/ForcesPower_Page.html http://www.gribble.org/cycling/power_v_speed.html What puzzles me...
  19. N

    Calculators with mod and custom functions

    Hi, I need a calculator that have mod(remainder) function and that allows me to enter custom function, for example: f(x) = (x^2+3x+2)mod13 , and then quickly calculate the values of that function by entering different values for x. Do you know any calculator that can do that? Thanks
  20. M

    Questions about solving DE with TI calculators

    Just curious if anyone here know if TI (CAS, or n-Spire, or whatever) solves differential equations. Is it easy / show steps? Can they solve Bernoulli, homogenous, and find particular or general solutions (in terms of e and such)? Thanks
  21. F

    Calculators and significant figures

    Dear Forum, why do calculators always give an incorrect number of significant figures? What assumptions do they make? thanks fisico30
  22. nomadreid

    Standard deviation calculators on the Internet are not for grouped data

    Homework Statement I teach a class of statistics with students who often do not have the types of calculators that can calculate standard deviation and who do not know how to program Excel, but do have access to the Internet. Googling "standard deviation calculator" on the Internet gives me...
  23. karush

    MHB Online calculators that have radians on the x axis

    just curious if anyone knows where there is online graphing program that will graph trig function with radians on the x axis tried Wolfframapha but not thanks ahead
  24. marcus

    Cosmo calculators with tabular output

    Experience and conventional wisdom say that whenever there is a really good idea ready to makes its entrance it often occurs to several individuals or groups. That might be happening, or going to happen, with online cosmic model calculators. So I'm hoping to hear comments about this including...
  25. S

    What Is the Internal Working of Calculators?

    I can't imagine that every possible equation is preprogrammed. If that is not the case, then how do the calulators know the answers?
  26. M

    Mathematics software/advanced calculators and the learning of mathematics.

    in this day and age, when there are software like Maple and Mathematica and all the fancy graphical calculators, I often wonder how much time we waste even in higher learning when we use old paper and pen-methods to do our math. I mean that why do we learn and use step by step methods to take...
  27. M

    When should calculators be introduced to the curriculum?

    I'm just wondering. When do you think kids should be introduced to the idea of using a calculator to do math?
  28. O

    Fun with graphs and calculators

    I was coming up with examples for my students as to why we demand they actually understand math in calculus class instead of plugging all their functions into their graphing calculators to draw graphs and calculate integrals. I basically hit the motherload... I have confirmed this works on...
  29. R

    Calculators Non-HP RPN Scientific Calculators?

    I'm a freshman now in college and I'm looking to buy a scientific calculator, since graphing calculators aren't allowed in my exams. I've been running through high school with my TI-89 in class, though in senior year I became interested in RPN and have been using an HP-48 emulator for Android in...
  30. B

    Calculators Finding Trig Programs for TI-89 Calculators

    What programs should I download on my TI 89 for trig? Where do I get them? Where can I find all of the trig programs that are all ready on my TI-89? Can I find the arc length on circles and stuff like that with it the way it is?
  31. G

    Schools What colleges allow/don't allow calculators?

    I know that some colleges forbid the use of calculators in high level math classes, but I can't find a place that tells me what colleges do this. Does anyone know if the following colleges allow or don't allow calculators, or if they allow a TI-89 or specific other calculators? Penn State...
  32. M

    Prefered software packages and calculators

    Dear friends... I am doing a little survey on how you/we solve our math problems, like... non-linear system of equations, system of ODE's, parameter estimation, differential calculus, linear algebra etc. So, if you don't mind, could you please list one or 2 software packages or calculator...
  33. P

    Gaussian Modeling and Calculators

    I'm trying to figure out how to enter this into my calculator and get a graph, but I think it may be underpowered. I have a Casio fx-9860gii, to be clear. The problem is: y=0.0034e^-(x-515)/26,912 200 greater than/equal to x smaller than/equal to 800 Thanks for any assistance. :-)
  34. W

    Calculators Where Can I Find Resources for Programming HP35s Calculators?

    Hi, Any good primers for programming some simple programs on the HP35s? I have some inputs but am unsure how to do so exactly. Also if a good quadratic formula editor in algebraic mode is available that would be nice too. thanks, Whalstib
  35. H

    Comparing Casio FX-115ES & Sharp ELW516B: Find Polynomial Roots?

    This isn't really a HW question, so I am posting it here. Hopefully someone will be able to help me, and I'm sure many of you will roll your eyes... I want to return one of my new calculators, but I'm not sure which one I should keep. I own the Casio FX-115ES and Sharp ELW516B, both unopened...
  36. M

    Mental Calculators: Unusual Abilities in Complex Mental Calculations

    Hi there, i told this to a friend but he only looked at me weirdly so the internet seems proper to post such a strange story. My post relates to people who have incredible abilities at mental calculations, autistic savants or anything of the kind. Last year around August i was sitting in...
  37. S

    How Does a Pocket Calculator Convert Binary to Decimal?

    hello, I'm new here so help me out please. question: what does a pocket calculator use to convert binary into decimal data? I've always been curious about this. a calculator is nothing but a simple computer right? therefore it's core component consists of a microprocessor which instructs and...
  38. jtbell

    Calculators Vintage HP calculators are still popular

    I've been using an HP 11C for over twenty years. I bought it sometime after I started teaching here (1985) and before HP discontinued the 11C (1989). I now use TI's at work so as to be compatible with my students, but I still use the 11C almost daily at home. I just looked on eBay and found a...
  39. M

    The fraction function on calculators

    My TI 83 plus has a function called "Frac" which makes decimal numbers into fractions. If I have 0.33333... on the screen and press Frac the calculator returns 1/3. My question is how does this function work.
  40. S

    Greatest physicists never used calculators

    I've been wondering abought this for a while now and i wanted to know some other peoples oppions. I realize that two of the greatest physicists never used calculators becuase they simply were not around. Now that we have them Is'nt it making people lazy because they no longer need to to do the...
  41. L

    How Can I Calculate Arc Length Without a Calculator?

    How in gods name do I do that? I attempted that integral and... it just can't be integrated! What I tried: That doesn't help one bit... How do I do this? NOTE: No graphing calculator is to be used.
  42. E

    Why is the TI-89 more expensive than the TI-89 Titanium on Amazon?

    How come the 89 is more expensive than the 89 Titanium on Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0001EMLZ2/?tag=pfamazon01-20 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00000JF55/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Isnt the Titanium a lot better?? Are there a lot of differences between the 89 models and the Ti 83? Are...
  43. S

    Best Calculator for AP Physics: TI-89 Titanium vs TI-Nspire

    I know this isn't exactly a homework question, and it may be in the wrong section, but I've looked all over the forums and could not find a better place for it, so I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I'm looking into buying a new calculator for my AP Physics class this fall and found...
  44. S

    Calculators Best Graphing Calculators for Pre-Calculus & SAT/ACT

    I just started taking pre-calculus the other week, and I've now realized how useful a graphing calculator is for that class. What graphing calculators are the best? I'm looking for ones that are allowed on the SAT's and ACT's.
  45. J

    Algebra Calculators: Expanding, Factoring & Finding Roots

    Is there calculators you can type in eg. (x+3)(2x-9)(x+4)=y and it can expand and factorise, vice versa for you? or would you just use a graph calculator to find the roots?
  46. D

    Are Calculators Hindering Math Education? Share Your Opinion!

    I just received a memo from New York State's department of education: "Calculators are instrumental as an investigative tool in the teaching and learning of mathematics to enhance students’ conceptual understanding. The graphing calculator should be used for all types of classroom activities...
  47. A

    RPN vs Algebraic Mode on calculators.

    I've recently bought a Hp 50g calculator and it offers the RPN mode which the Ti's don't have. I've been using algebraic mode up until now and I heard that RPN still beats it in the long run. I know that you can save many key strokes with RPN but it will definitely take me some time to learn the...
  48. L

    Calculators. To use or not to Use.

    What Calculator do you guys currently use? I currently use a Hp 33S scientific calculator as well as a hp 50G graphing calculator. Thogh these calculayors are great, I am wondering if I should get rid of them or not use them alot, so I can get stronger math skills. I tend to be very...
  49. R

    Google does calculators too

    http://www.google.com/search?hs=2FS&hl=en&lr=&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial_s&q=55mpg+in+hectares%5E-1&btnG=Search Very useful!
  50. D

    How were logs and roots calculated before calculators?

    I'm not sure whether this is the correct forum, so I apologise if it's in the incorrect forum. Anyway, when studying A level maths a few years ago, we came across a technique for calculating roots that my teacher claimed was used before calculators were invented. I can't remember the actual...