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Not using a li-po battery reduces its life cycle?

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    If I don't use my lithium polymer batteries for an extended period of time will that damage them?

    In that case how often should I charge them to prevent a such degradation?

    Thanks in advance
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    This is a common problem in the RC aircraft community, LiPo batteries are generally recommended to be stored at about 70% of their capacity if they're going to sit unused for an extended period of time. In my experience it's probably ok to store them at full charge for around a week, after that, should store them at the reduced storage voltage.


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    Okay so charge my batteries to 70%, how often would I have to recharge them so their voltage doesn't drop too much assuming they discharge over time? For long term storage.
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    Maybe check their voltage every few weeks and make sure they haven't dropped below safe levels (3.0 V)?
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    You could check Battery University website. It's basically a comprehensive encyclopaedia about battery technology, as the creator is a battery engineer itself working for a company called Cadex.

    From what I know, there should not be a
    problem as long as store lithium-based batteries above a certain threshold of State of Charge, in this case, 40%. And also according to the article, the lower the temperature you store them at, the higher the % of charge they will recover after a long time of storage.

    This is the link, it's a pretty good reading with lots of technical info:

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