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Nuclear engineering at Texas A&M

  1. Nov 19, 2014 #1
    Hey guys I got accepted into A&M's Nuclear Engineering program (undergraduate) for Spring 2015. I am interested in nuclear engineering because the whole idea of splitting the atom and the physics involved fascinates me, but I am not sure about the job prospects for nuclear engineering. I am very confused and want some advice.

    • What do you guys have to say about A&M's nuclear program?
    • Is nuclear engineering worth it?
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    A&M is a good nuke school.

    Jobs can be tough to find in the current environment, but the situation may be completely different by the time you graduate. There are a lot of baby boomers retiring. I would highly recommend dual majoring in mechanical or electrical engineering to broaden your career options.
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    Doug Huffman

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    I retired in 1995 a senior nuclear engineering technician with an engineer title for which I had to biannually re-qualify. The personal challenges were huge, the job security was good then, but the pay would have been better in the private sector (absolutely balanced by zero security).

    I had vast adventures, an adventure being a disaster avoided. One - I was shifting from main cooling to decay heat removal cooling with the vessel head bolts loosened. My temperature limit was a long way from saturation, but the operator confused adjacent valves. I ordered more cooling, he responded, but the T kept increasing - and I was not allowed to leave the control room with not-stable plant conditions. I called a co-worker from the office and the problem was solved. I smoked a cigarette in one drag and still tear up at the memory.

    Edited to add after seeing the above. My background was nuclear control and instrumentation electronics.

    So, what satisfaction are you seeking?
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    Overall, TAMU is a great engineering school.

    Of all the folks I have known who majored in NE (quite a few), not a one of them ever found a job in NE.
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