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Homework Help: Nuclear power plant at 34% efficiency - rising temperature of water

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    A nuclear power plant generates 500MW at 34 percent efficiency. The waste heat goes into the connecticut river with an average flow of 3x10 to the 4th kg/s. How much does the water temperature rise? (it requires 4.8x10 to the 3 to raise the temperature of 1kg of water 1K
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    A 2-inch thick outer wall of a building has been constructed using 2-inch aluminum finishing nails. the nails hold together two identical 1-inch thick yellow-pine boards. Assume the following:

    -k (aluminum nails) = 1390 BTU-in/ft. sqare - hr- degrees F
    -K (yellow pine) = .o8 BTU-in/ft. squared - hr - degrees F
    1% opf wall area is nails; 99% is yellow pine
    -inside temperature = 65 degrees F (public building standard)
    -Toledo outside Winter temperature = 30 degrees F (based on months of Dec-Mar. during 1931-1968; rounded to the nearest degree)
    -convection is negligible.

    Calculate the total (TU/hr-ft squared) through the wall. (Hint - use a total area of 1 sq. foot) According to a very recent study, 58% of the energy consumed in the home goes to space heating and 15% goes to hot water heating.
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    Any thoughts there??

    You can't just post problems to be solved by other people. Give us an idea of what you are finding difficult about these problems and any ideas at all. Even if you just state the basic concept behind the problems.
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