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Number of the beast, the book

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    was just wondering if anyone has read the number of the beast by Robert A. Heinlein and if you have what are your thoughts on the "continua" which is the device they put into Gay Deceiver the air car of sorts and how it works with dimensions; the three spatial dimensions known to the real world, and three time dimensions its a very good book and it makes you think what if
    lol but any good sci-fi book should do that
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    Wow! You have a cave-in in your attic and came across a dusty box of paperbacks of something? :wink:

    Read it a long time ago.

    Had a lot of difficulty with Heinlein's style.

    I just thought his explanation was a cute plot vehicle.

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    lol no i just love really good sci-fi and what could happen if we start to think outside the box in this case way outside the box hehe the concept is something that i have been mulling over for a while now that all dimensions are 90 degrees apart from each other and that time is not a just a line without width or height if you were to look at it separate from space itself
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    Ah, the swapped parallax scene for Stranger In A Strange Land.
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    yes even throw valentine michael smith could do it with his mind in number of the beast that had a machine that i guess twisted space and time for them
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