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NY Times Slide Show of Reader's GM Cars

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    Nice shots. I think everyone has a pic or two like these in the family photo album.
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    I enjoyed seeing them. I have a lot of great memories centered around cars.
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    So long GM and American cars in general ... my first love was the Ford Taurus .... got to ride in it while in a friends car at England at the age of seven ( at least I'm pretty certain that it was a Ford ) , the ride was seamless - the car did not make any noise - and I loved the power windows , it was truly a luxury car. The problem with GM is that they did not seem to understand that Americans hated going to mechanics e.g. Just Brakes and they either were too preoccupied with all of the venues with which they could generate profits all the while ignoring the complaints or they just were not able to generate the technology on the level of Toyota and Honda.
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    Never a better time for them to go bust.
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