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Nyquist frequency for a system with rectangular pixels

  1. Nov 12, 2013 #1
    hey everyone,

    so i know to calculate the nyquist frequency for a system (for digital imaging in PET and SPECT in this example) given the pixel size its just f = 1/ 2 * pixel size

    but for pixels that are rectangular and have a larger and smaller dimension, which one should be used here?

    the smaller dimension obviously gives the higher nyquist frequency, is that what we are after here?

    or do we use the larger dimension as that is a limiting factor of resolution of the system?

    thanks :)

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    Claude Bile

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    There will be two Nyquist frequencies, one each for each spatial frequency component (x and y).

    It is permissible for a system to have different resolutions along different axes. An extreme example would be a 1D array of detectors.

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