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OFF-TOPIC: Know of Any Good Home Repair Forums?

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    I'm looking for a forum(s) for people who have home maintenance issues. Does anyone here frequent any that they find useful and reputable?

    Would greatly appreciate the recommendation.
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    I don't, but nearly any specific job you might want to tackle is probably covered by a youtube video. Among other things, I've watched youtubes about plumbing and cleaning the coils of a refrigerator. Sometimes the trick is to search for the right combinations of terms.
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    There are plenty if you Google :smile:

    Lots of handy people here too.
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    Whatcha' want to fix? :smile:
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    jim hardy

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    Train your search engine

    search on machine type and symptom
    You'll encounter a lot of chaff, just useless sites trying to collect hits (my pet peeve is ehow)

    but most appliance models have been worked on by somebody with common sense who put his experience on youtube.
    That's how i found what was the cryptic computer code that meant Fair Anne's 'Star Wars' washing machine wasn't draining, and where Maytag hid the drain strainer...

    and there's lots of talent here .

    see also edn "Sherlock Ohms"
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    Yes: this one.

    Specific product information may need modification, depending on your location on Earth. :biggrin:
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