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Engineering Offshore Platforms and Mechanical Engineering

  1. Dec 3, 2009 #1

    I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering and am really interested in Offshore platforms/Oil rigs etc.

    What branch of engineering is most commonly associated with this industry? I would have thought structural would be very active but constantly hear that mechanical engineers are very numerous in this field.

    The role of structural engineers in rig design/construction is pretty obvious. I was also wondering what kind of jobs a mechanical engineer would be likely to obtain in this area?


    - Spoon
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    I know a few MEs who are working offshore at entry level. They watch over all of the instrumentation and do analysis to make sure everything is and will continue to run smoothly. I don't know much more than the basic details of that though.

    MEs will also be the ones designing and managing the manufacture of many of the components including, for example, those under products and systems at http://www.geoilandgas.com/businesses/ge_oilandgas/en/prod_serv/index.htm [Broken].
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    Mechanical engineering (structure and power systems), structural engineering (could also be Civ Eng), marine engineering (Civ Eng specializing in marine structures), Petroleum engineering (exploration and well logging), Chemical engineering (Process engineering, storage systems, separation), Electrical engineering (electronics and electrical power systems) are all displines represented on an exploration or production platform.

    In addition to the labourers.
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    Like Astro pointed out, we use all types of engineering disciplines.

    If you want to design the vessel, you should look into Naval Architecture and Structural Engineering. If you want to design the systems on board, you'll have to decided what system (i.e. mechanical, electrical, etc).

    If you want to design wells and the like, you'll want to look into Petroleum Engineering.

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