Ohio University: Physics Program & Condensed Matter Research

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Hi all,
last week I accept offer from ohio university. I got selected to physics program. I am interested in condensed matter, solid state and nano-science.
i went though the university website but i couldn't find much idea about it and fundings. also in gradschoolshopper.com web it shows in ohio funding for condensed matter is much less. but its really good for nuclear physics.
please let me know your ideas.
thank you

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This forum is great for physics/math, but I suggest you try the collegeconfidential forums for some answers as well. The people there are more knowledgeable on the topic of colleges and I'm sure there are a decent amount of physics majors there as well. Try the "College Search and Selection" subforum instead of the "Other Majors" one just cause the latter tends to receive less visitors.

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