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Oil temperature in a hydraulic hand pump

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    If anyone here has experience with hydraulic hand pumps(those 10000 psi models), could you tell me how hot the oil, and by extenstion the pipes get during compression?
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    I'm not familiar with this particular scenario. I would surmise, though, that anything hand-operated will experience an almost unnoticeable change of temperature. My 12-tonne bottle jack doesn't even warm up. Don't take my word for it, though; there are experts in fluid dynamics who will be responding soon.
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    The only ones I use are the very high pressure but extremely low volumetric flow. They are used to pressurize cylinders for things like stretching of shafts prior to tightening a nut. Those have no appreciable temperature increase.
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    can they be used to sustain a 10000 psi pressure for an extended period of time? what make is it?
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    High velocities of operations are behind increased temperature, high pressure is not.

    Whether something can hold 10000psi for extended periods depends on its structural design.
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    I would expect that, as with most hydraulic mechanisms, you can just lock out the back-flow. The pump then has nothing to do, so the duration is meaningless. Just pressurize the system and close the valve.
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