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  1. A

    Engineering Circuit Analysis -- How many independent equations can be written using KCL?

    I think there are 4 essential node. So we can write 3 KCL independent equations.
  2. J

    How does the current divide in parallel inductors?

    I apologize using English fluently because I am not an Enlgish speaker. When I tried to solve this problem, I used current divider rule. So, $$i_o(t) = \frac{3}{3+5}*4e^{-2t} = 1.5*e^{-2t} A$$ However, This was wrong. The answer is $$ 1.5*e^{-2t} + 0.5 A$$ If I use $$V_O = L*\frac{di}{dt}$$...
  3. W

    Is seeing believing in physics?

    I am new here and I am not going to say I have any formal schooling in physics or electrical engineering. I have been in the automotive field for almost 40 years. What I am getting at is, myself and my research partner came across a very unusual circuit about 4 years ago. We spent about 3 years...
  4. Alettix

    Capacitor filled with two conducting materials

    Homework Statement a) State the boundary conditions for the electric field strength E and electric flux density D at a planar interface separating two media with dielectric constants ε1 and ε2. b) A parallel plate capacitor with a plate separation d is filled with two layers of different...
  5. S

    Ideal conditions in which circuit analysis is done

    What are the ideal conditions in which circuit analysis or analysis of an electrical system is done?I know that the air friction,friction between materials is ignored in ideal systems, such as for ohms law applications.What else is ignored in analysis of ideal electrical systems?
  6. G

    Joule heating of resistors

    Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations [/B] Consider the following circuit where: $$R_A=330 k\Omega$$ $$R_B=220 k\Omega$$ $$C= 2.2 nF $$ $$v_1(t)=6u(t) V$$ $$ i_2(t)=-10u(t-t_2) \mu A$$ $$t_2 = 12 ms $$ All the currents go clockwise (with the obvious exception of the current source)...
  7. R

    I Lagrangian method for an LC-Circuit

    In the paper, the author solves the LC-circuit using Euler-Lagrange equation. She assumes that the Lagrangian function for the circuit is $$L=T-V$$ where $$T=L\dot q^2/2$$ is the kinetic energy part $$V=q^2 / 2C$$ is the potential energy.She...
  8. S

    What is the best software for the analysis of chaos in electric circuits?

    What is the best software for the analysis of chaos in electric circuits.
  9. Ali Zain

    Rank in order, from largest to smallest, the resistance (eq)

    Homework Statement There is a figure, I'll try my best to draw/describe. 1. All three resisters are in parallel ___R____ !___R____! !___R____ ! 2. 2 resisters are parallel and one in series, after the parallel (ignore the dots) ___R___ ............... _____R___ !___R___ ...
  10. solour

    Reducing all circuit resistors to only parallel and series?

    Homework Statement The problem from the textbook is: Is it possible to connect resistors together in a way that cannot be reduced to some combination of series and parallel combinations? Homework Equations V = IR kirchhoff's current law kirchhoff's loop law The Attempt at a Solution I am...
  11. Asmaa Mohammad

    Determining the total current of many batteries

    Homework Statement The figure represents a part of a circuit, and the potential difference between the f and d is 12Volts, depending on the information shown in the figure, determine: 1-the reading of the Ammeter 2-the value of (Vb)₃ 3- the potential difference between (c , b) Homework...
  12. M

    Use KCL and KVL to find the power supplied by the two ideal sources

    Homework Statement The Question wants to find the Voltage Across The Current Source 2A and 5A Homework Equations KVL KCL Ohm's Law The Attempt at a Solution I tried to Using KVL and KCL for all Closed paths and node but I just Couldn't Figure how to relate them to find the voltage across the...
  13. G

    Second order derivatives and resonance

    Homework Statement 2. Consider an electric circuit consisting of an inductor with inductance L Henrys, a resistor with resistance R Ohms and a capacitor with capacitance C Farads, connected in series with a voltage source of V Volts. The charge q(t) Coulombs on the capacitor at time t ≥ 0...
  14. M

    Series and Parallel Combination

    [Note: Thread has been moved to the homework forums by a mentor] This is the Given problem This is my solution part 1 - What I did here is I series the R3 and R4 (R3 + R4), and I parallel the R34 to R5 (most of the calculation are from the calculator) This is my solution part 2 The...
  15. lucasLima

    Help calculating the voltage in a capacitor when t->infinite

    Hello Everyone! So, I need to calculate the voltage in the capacitor, let's call it Vc(t). For t=0- I know that there is no current in the capacitor. Did some calculations and I've found that Vc(0)=6v. Now i need to know Vc(infinite) But when the switch key is opened and the time goes to...
  16. Domenico94

    PDEs and electrical circuits

    Hi everyone. In electrical engineering, when you study control theory, you're taught that electrical circuits can be used to simulate the behaviour of complex systems. What I don't understand is, what are the limitation of this sistem, and why it can't be obviouslly used in a general way to...
  17. A

    Find the equivalent resistance between AB

    Homework Statement Find the equivalent resistance between AB. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I could not find any Wheatstone bridge or series parallel combination. Should I use star delta transformation ? If yes, how exactly should I use it ?
  18. Domenico94

    Wye Delta transformation

    Homework Statement What can be special cases, in the study of electrical circuits, in which one can not apply wye delta transformation? Can someone graph them in some way? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  19. P

    Equivalent electric circuit

    Given an electric circuit, with resistors R1 and R2, find the equivalent resistance R. Data: R1 = √2.R2 Points M and N have the same electric potential so they can be connected with a conductor and this way we get the second circuit.
  20. MarcusAu314

    Nodal analysis, choosing reference node confusion

    I know that when we have to identify the nodes for solving a circuit with nodal analysis we always have to designate a reference node (which will be the ground node) as a reference for measuring the others' voltages. However I was practicing this and I found this example on...
  21. toforfiltum

    Calculating combined resistance of wires

    Homework Statement Homework Equations R ∝ 1/A The Attempt at a Solution Since there are six copper wires and a steel core, I added the resistance of all the wires and the core and divided them by 7, though I don't think my approach is right since the resistance of the copper and steel...
  22. kelvin490

    Inductor in transformer

    In an inductor, a current waveform 90o out of phase with the voltage waveform creates a condition where power is alternately absorbed and returned to the circuit by the inductor. If the inductor is perfect (no wire resistance, no magnetic core losses, etc.), it will dissipate zero power. I...
  23. DrPapper

    Engineering Art of Electronics 3rd Edition

    Has anyone seen the newest edition? Is it much better than the 2nd? I own the 2nd but am interested in the newer one if it's better.
  24. A

    Undetermined system for electric network

    Hello! First of all, this is not a HW problem and I already solved it. Actually, it most likely was a HW problem for my friend who gave it to me. I would take the opportunity to ask exactly how to handle this: I'm not a student but I like going back to school exercises in Physics and gain deeper...
  25. MarcusAu314

    What does 0 V exactly mean in an electric circuit mean?

    I'm a mechatronics engineering student, and I know that electronics is a requirement in most engineering programs. I'm been dealing with electronics recently and I've been studying electric circuits. I've been noticing that in some of them instead of being closed (in diagrams) they are like...
  26. A

    Wheatstone bridge -- Why set all 4 resistances equal?

    Can someone explain me,why Wheatstone bridge is most sensitive when all four resistances say A,B,C and D are equal?as far as i know condition for Wheatstone Bridge is A/B=C/D.
  27. P

    How long does it take for the batter to lose its charge?

    Homework Statement The two headlights of a car sonsume a total power of 120 W. A driver parks the car but leaves the lights on. The 12-V battery is rated at 95 A * h. Homework Equations P=IV V=IR The Attempt at a Solution I don't know any equation that associates this with time. [/B]
  28. M

    Velocity of electrons in a wire

    Electrons are moving in moves in all sorts of directions, causing the net electric charge to cancel out. But, when you apply a voltage, theres a small amount of electrons that will move towards the direction in the direction of the voltage. This is called the drift speed. Am I right? I read...
  29. K

    How is sinusoidal current generated?

    I'm delving into AC as well as attempting to understand the various wave forms used in electrical engineering, and I am curious how engineers are able to generate current which alternates in a sinusoidal manner. What specific phenomena allows us to achieve this? Is it a special circuit, or does...