Open source code that hysys was built on

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Does anyone know what the open source code is called that hysys was built on so I can file a freedom of information act paper work. I would also like to do this for NEC-2 for antenna radiation modeling.


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Not quite the answer but some useful background : [Broken]
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I am hoping to find the raw software code so that a new copy could be built up with out all the outrageously expensive and onerous licencing restrictions. Hysys is so expensive that basicly only the big boys can afford it. As a professional chemical engineer I feel it is my duty to have my own personal tool kit that is not hinged to maintaining software that is so expensive it will set me back in retirement.

Although lawarance Livermore labs will sell NEC-4 for like $300 so I should probably just buy it so long as I can access the source code for educational purposes.

Hysys is the real wild card though. Thank you for looking at my post though, hopefully this is of some interest to others as well.
Does anyone know of a contact in govt that deals with open source engineering and science code that I could network with?

I highly doubt aspen tech is going to post the open source code their cash cow is built on, they are going to make you dig for it. But as a chemical engineer we rely very heavily on hysys and the sonic velocity calculators BUT the software is licence based (annual renewals) and is EXTRMELY expensive, so expesive that few sole proprietors could afford it. However, I feel that as a chemical engineering professional I should have professional software loaded on my personal computer and not be relying on my employer and others for outrageously priced software.

I am the engineer and I should have the competence to take open source code and finish it out and then have that forever residing on my lap top without a bunch of convoluted licencing.


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If nothing is forthcoming could you develop your own system ?

From basic scientific information ?

Using general purpose modelling software ?


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Awsome, thank you I just downloaded DWSIM so we will see how that works.

I could program my own however the tricky part is the component data base and all the interaction parameters, that was likely done by a govt program and would be nearly impossible for one individual to compile and code. Building out heat transfer, sonic compressible gas flow, mass transfer would be doable but are not highly useful without the massive compoent data base.

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