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Opinions! All British Theoretical Physicists!

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    I'm currently applying for 1 year postgraduate courses in Theoretical Physics at the following universities in the UK:

    Durham - Physics Department

    Imperial College London - Physics Department

    Kings College London - Maths Department

    The aim is to hopefully go on to a PhD after one of these courses.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on choosing?

    Like, which would be most useful on my CV for applying for PhD's? and which is considered the best place to learn?

    University league tables aren't particularly useful in determining which is the best institution.

    Any opinions from those in the know would be appreciated.

    At the moment I'm swaying towards Durham because the classes cover a broader spectrum.


    Thanks in advance.

    sox :)
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    I have also applied for postgraduate courses this year in the UK. I have to choose now between either the "Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces" course at Imperial, or the Mathematical Tripos Part III at Cambridge. I think for theoretical physicists, intending to go into quantum field theory, particle physics and related fields, the course at Imperial is highly regarded. It is also more famous than Durham and Kings, so I guess it would look better on your CV. But if you're going onto a Ph.D, then I don't think that aspect would matter much compared to your performance.
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    Yeah, It's the Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces Course I'll be applying to aswell (this week in fact).

    The course at durham seems to offer a brooader range of classes than the imperial course. Alot of them concerned with different types or aspects of filed thoery. That might interest you if your looking for a degree that focusses on that.
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