What is Physics books: Definition and 142 Discussions

This is a list of books which talk about things related to current day physics or physics as it would be in the future.
There a number of books that have been penned about specific physics concepts, e.g. quantum mechanics or kinematics, and many other books which discuss physics in general, i.e. not focussing on a single topic. There are also books that encourage beginners to enjoy physics by making them look at it from different angles.

Capra, Fritjof (1999). The Tao of physics : an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism (4th, updated ed.). Boston: Shambhala. ISBN 1-57062-519-0.
Chandrasekhar, S. (1958). An introduction to the study of stellar structure. [Republication]. New York: Dover. ISBN 978-0486604138.
Feynman, Richard P.; Leighton, Robert B.; Sands, Matthew (2009). The Feynman lectures on physics : the definitive and extended edition (2nd ed.). San Francisco, Calif.: Addison-Wesley. ISBN 978-0805390452.
— (1997). "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" : adventures of a curious character (1st Norton pbk. ed.). New York: W.W. Norton. ISBN 978-0393316049.
Greene, Brian (2000). The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory (1. Vintage Books ed.). New York: Vintage Books. ISBN 978-0375708114.
— (2004). The fabric of the cosmos : space, time, and the texture of reality (1st Vintage Books ed.). New York: Vintage Books. ISBN 978-0375727207.
— (2011). The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos (1st ed.). New York: Alfred A. Knopf. ISBN 978-0307265630.
— (2008). Icarus at the Edge of Time (1st ed.). New York: Alfred A. Knopf. ISBN 978-0307268884.
Gribbin, John (1984). In search of Schrödinger's cat : quantum physics and reality. Toronto: Bantam Books. ISBN 978-0553341034.
— (1995). Schrödinger's kittens and the search for reality : solving the quantum mysteries. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. ISBN 978-0316328197.
Hawking, Stephen (1996). A Brief History of Time (Updated and expanded tenth anniversary ed.). New York: Bantam Books. ISBN 978-0553380163.
— (2006). The theory of everything : the origin and fate of the universe (Special anniversary ed.). Mumbai: Jaico Pub. House. ISBN 978-8179925911.
—; Mlodinow, Leonard (2008). A briefer history of time (Bantam trade pbk. ed.). New York: Bantam Books. ISBN 978-0553385465.
—; Mlodinow, Leonard (2012). The grand design (2012 Bantam Books trade pbk. ed.). New York: Bantam Books. ISBN 978-0553384666.
Kaku, Michio (1995). Hyperspace : a scientific odyssey through parallel universes, time warps, and the tenth dimension. illustrations by Robert O'Keefe (1st Anchor Books ed.). New York: Anchor Books. ISBN 978-0385477055.
—; Thompson, Jennifer (1999). Beyond Einstein : the cosmic quest for the theory of the universe (Rev. and updated ed.). Oxford [England]: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0192861962.
— (2006). Parallel worlds : a journey through creation, higher dimensions, and the future of the cosmos (1st Anchor Books ed.). New York: Anchor Books. ISBN 978-1400033720.
— (2009). Physics of the impossible : a scientific exploration into the world of phasers, force fields, teleportation, and time travel (1st Anchor Books ed.). New York: Anchor Books. ISBN 978-0307278821.
— (2012). Physics of the future : how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100 (1st Anchor Books ed.). New York: Anchor Books. ISBN 978-0307473332.
Krauss, Lawrence M. A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing (1st Free Press hardcover ed.). New York: Free Press. ISBN 978-1-4516-2445-8.
Kumar, Manjit (2009). Quantum : Einstein, Bohr, and the great debate about the nature of reality. Gurgaon: Hachette India. ISBN 978-93-80143-10-1.
Lewin, Walter; Warren Goldstein. For the love of physics : from the end of the rainbow to the edge of time-- a journey through the wonders of physics (1st Free Press hardcover ed.). New York: Free Press. ISBN 1439108277.
Talbot, Michael (1988). Beyond the quantum. Toronto: Bantam Books. ISBN 978-0553344806.
— (1992). Mysticism and the new physics (Rev. and updated ed.). London: Arkana. ISBN 978-0140193282.
Walker, Jearl (2007). The Flying Circus of Physics (2nd. ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. ISBN 978-0-471-76273-7.

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  1. Emi_Garrido

    Recommended books for a physics undergrad

    Hello! I'm new here. I'm on my first year of physics at the UNAM, in Mexico, and I want to now which books and resources would you recommend me to 'survive' in the career, not just in physics, but also in the mathematical formalism for subjects such as geometry, abstract algebra, calculus...
  2. P

    Seeking the toughest problem books on mechanical properties of solids and fluids for olympiads

    TL;DR Summary: I need the toughest problem books for mechanical properties of solids and mechanical properties of fluids, much better if they're relevant for olympiads. I need the toughest problem books for mechanical properties of solids and mechanical properties of fluids, much better if...
  3. malawi_glenn

    Other Collection of Free Online Physics Books and Lecture Notes (Part 2)

    This is part 2 of my thread Collection of Free Online Math Books and Lecture Notes Here, we will consider physics and mathematical methods for physics resources. Now, this is a work in progress. Please feel free comment regarding items you want to be included, or if a link is broken etc. Note...
  4. cemtu

    Solid State Good Condensed Matter Physics Books and Semiconductor Physics Books

    Can you please recommend me some condensed matter physics study books and semi-conductor physics study books? Much Appreciated!
  5. ergospherical

    Other Little Physics Books: Find Your Faves & Enjoy Reading!

    There's a number of "small" (in size) paperbacks which I've quite enjoyed reading, e.g. Schroedinger's <100 page statistical thermodynamics lectures, J.W. Leech's classical mechanics text, etc. Books of this sort are very portable and easy to dip into whenever you get a free 15 minutes or so...
  6. MidgetDwarf

    Other Good Physics books from Springer at the Undergad level?

    Springer has a 50% currently till the end of December. I know plenty of good math textbooks from Springer, but what are some good physics books? Particularly at the undergraduate level.
  7. BadgerBadger92

    Intro Physics What Are the Best Beginner Physics Books for Self-Teaching?

    I am looking for a book that teaches the basics of physics that is easy to understand and good for self teaching. Any good suggestions?
  8. DanielJorge

    Intro Physics Looking for an Introductory Physics Book without Flashy Presentation?

    Are there any books that are NOT like "University Physics (Young)" / "Fundamentals of Physics (Halliday)" in presentation, but that are suitable for a first course on the subjects of those books? The mentioned books are too "flashy", full of colorful boxes, etc. I don't like this and I find it...
  9. korwynkim

    Intro Physics General introductory physics books compared to specific books on each topic

    What exactly is the difference in the way an general physics book (Halliday and Resnick, Young and Freedman) covers topics like mechanics, EM, and thermodynamics, compared to respective books like Kleppner and Kolenkow, Griffiths, and Schroeder, other than the amount of material covered for each...
  10. STEM_nerd

    Other Best physics books for preparing for the IPHO?

    So I have decided to participate in the IPHO in the upcoming years. I searched online but I don't seem to be getting any help on how I should prepare and what books I need to refer to. So please, could you guide me on which books I should refer to for IPHO?
  11. Vividly

    Intro Physics Physics books that focus on Concepts mostly rather than equations

    Im looking for a book that gives descriptions and explanations of physics concepts instead of a equational representations. Or A book that focuses mostly on concepts with minimal equations. I have come across Richard F. Lectures that are red textbooks and I am looking for other alternatives...
  12. A

    Best Applied Physics Books: Get Expert Advice & Recommendations

    What are best applied physics books I have downloaded one that doesn't even talk about it Please help
  13. Archimedes777

    Intro Physics Several Physics Books to Choose From (Wolfson, Knight, Feynman)

    I have been lurking on PhysicsForums for more than a decade. I have been telling myself that I was going to learn physics for fifteen years, but I ended up studying computer science when I returned to school after having been an English teacher for several years. I am currently doing my master's...
  14. N

    Other Maths and physics books for undergraduate level self-study

    Hello The short story is that I'd like to go through university level maths and physics because: I like maths and physics Deepening knowledge of maths would be useful in my programming career Formal education The longer story is that while being a kid, I loved mathematics. Took extra...
  15. J

    Physics books with Python examples

    Hello, I have found two books that show physics branches with python examples: This is for mechanics: https://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319195957 The other on oscillation and waves: https://www.springer.com/la/book/9783319723136 I see in these books that the University of Oslo is doing...
  16. FourEyedRaven

    Other Physics Books - A List of Small Gems

    Hi. I am looking for physics books of a particular type: concise, and very well regarded. Two examples I found are "Mechanics", by Laundau & Lifshitz; and "Elementary Statistical Physics" by Kittel. Both are around 200 pages and they cover a lot of material. Unfortunately, I don't have the...
  17. A

    What Are Good Physics Books for Casual Reading?

    I'm studying physics and would like to read physics books during my free time. Does anyone have any suggestions? When I'm not studying it would be nice to read some not-so-technical books just for enjoyment. I've thought about reading biographies of influential physicists but I am up for...
  18. I

    Should I Use College Physics for Self-Studying: Algebra or Calculus Based?

    Hi, my name is "Bob" I have a particular question about a specific book. Preface... It has been a while since I formally studied Physics. The type of Physics book I remember using last was I believe, Algebra-based. This was in high school. Based on my degree, I studied Algebra and Trigonometry...
  19. W

    Quantum Most accurate modern physics book

    I have been plagued by modern physics and quantum mechanics books before that employ the traditional approach where they start from Photoelectric effect, Blackbody radiation, etc. (This is really not an issue but in fact illuminating since it shows how old QM developed) until you read about...
  20. Oats

    Intro Physics Physics books for a mathematician

    Hello, I am a first-year mathematics PhD student. I am completely initiated in rigorous mathematics, and have a strong intuitive and working understanding of basic mathematics concepts across analysis and algebra. I also have a strong interest in physics, and want to learn enough to be quite...
  21. Const@ntine

    Alonso & Finn Physics Books: Where to find?

    Good evening (or, technically, morning, depending on where you are and all that jazz)! Recently a professor of ours told us to look into those books; they're three volumes as far as I'm aware. Thing is, as you probably all know (I mean, they're pretty famous, certainly no indie darlings)...
  22. AlvisPrabhu

    Guidance on physics books to study (high school senior year)

    Hello there, I'm a senior year student.physics is my favorite subject, but I somehow only get B's .I would like to expand my knowledge in physics vastly.I would like to know if there's a book which contains all the concepts a senior year student should know and much more. It would be a...
  23. D

    Intro Physics Top Modern Physics Books for Undergrad Students

    Does anyone know about some good modern physics books for an undergrad student? Not a textbook but just a simple paperback to give me an introduction to some typical topics discussed in a modern physics course. Thank you!
  24. TLeit

    Other What are the best $20 mathematics of physics books?

    I have the opportunity to receive a book of up to a $20 value that must be related to mathematics, actuarial science, or education, so I was trying to find a good mathematics of physics or mathematics of chemistry book. Some of the ones I found are: -Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics...
  25. F

    Classical Physics books written in Russian

    I'm a Physics and Russian Langauge major at school and was wondering if anyone has had any good run-ins with any undergrad level textbooks in Russian. The venerable Landau and Lifshitz on mechanics has been wonderful. Also, if anyone knows where I can find Matveev's "Mechanics and Theory of...
  26. J

    Solid State Solid State Physics books for undergraduates

    Hello! I am going to enroll in a Solid State physics course and I want to know what good books are out there on the subject at an undergrad level. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
  27. S

    What are the best beginner physics books for self-study?

    Hi I'm planning to return university, to study astrophysics/physics at university level. I'm taking up A levels exams in physics, maths, chemistry as a private student. I wanted to start everything from the scratch.. can someone please suggest me some basic books for these subjects?? I have...
  28. K

    Quantum Quantum Physics Books: Learn Heisenberg, Dirac, Pauli & More

    I'm really interested in quantum theory and would like to learn all that I can about it. I'm looking books for learning quantum physics that contains derivation of Heisenberg uncertainty principle, dirac notation, pauli matrices, quantum operators, hawking radiation, etc. What are good books to...
  29. AaronK

    Intro Physics Opinions on "physics: DeMYSTiFieD - A Self Teaching Guide"?

    Recently at a second-hand bookstore, I found this McGraw Hill text for only $2 dollars, so naturally I had to buy it (any 500+ page book about physics for $2 bucks is a great deal). I wonder though, is it useful at all to someone already taking physics courses in college? Or would it just be a...
  30. J

    Classical Poll on Thermodynamics/Statistical Physics books

    Hello! There are so many Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics books that people suggest, that I don't know which one to use in my upcoming undergraduate course. So, which one is your favorite? Thanks in advance!
  31. D

    Classical The best physics books to build theoretical knowledge

    Could you name your best picks of books that expand on the high school knowledge. Example is the Goldsteins Classical Mechanics which is a classic. What do you recommend for Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics? Also what would be the same criteria for some Math...
  32. B

    Seminal physics books offer something more than textbooks?

    I was reading the lists of required books to read at certain colleges who offer Great Books programs, and I noticed that such Great Books programs frequently require students to read seminal physics and seminal mathematics and science books. The following list gives many different examples of...
  33. C

    Intro Physics Need help remembering a classic Physics books

    Hello. I am new here and I registered because I just can´t remember a book I studied long time ago. Is an introductory Physics book used in colleges and universities. The book is well known, I would say the author is famous. I'm 90% sure the author surname begins with "f" and is not Feynmann. I...
  34. chikou24i

    Solid state / condensed matter physics books

    Can you give the name of an excited book of solid state / condensed matter physics ( beside kittel and ashcroft ) ? a book than contains more talking about experimental rather than theory
  35. S

    Intro Physics What are some introduction level all around physics books?

    Hello! I really like physics but I've been reading pop science books up until now. I feel like it's time for real math based physics. I'm a first year ME student so I have calculus and phys 1&2 covered. I was planning on reading Feynman's yet I've heard it might as well be supported by some...
  36. M

    Testing AP Physics 1 & 2 Exam Prep: Focus Areas for Grade 3+

    Hi, When I am using Principles of Physics by Walker, Halliday, and Resnick to study for AP physics 1 and 2 exams, what chapters/subject areas should I focus on to get at least grade 3? Due to a lack of time to study I will need to study what's most important. Alternatively, recommendations for...
  37. L

    Any good all-around physics books?

    When searching for a nice introductory physics textbook for self-study, I have found a few books that others have claimed to cover the majority of physics - from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics - albeit in a manner only intended to base a more intensive study of the individual topics...
  38. liam levi

    Studying What are some recommended physics books for middle school students?

    i'm in middles school and am really interested in physics. I've already read a brief history of time and elementary physics. i am interested if any of you have other book suggestion that would teach me physics. thank you in advance.
  39. K

    Intro Physics Thorough introductory calculus and physics books

    Anybody have some thorough books on first year physics and calculus courses? My courses use mostly books written by the profs at my university, and I don't feel like they have the breadth and depth that other books might have. Any suggestions?
  40. chikou24i

    Studying Reading Physics Books: Learn How to Understand Successfully

    How to read and understand successfully a physics book in any branch of physics ?
  41. J

    Studying What are good (cheap) physics books for noobs?

    I'm extremely interested in physics at the moment and I'm kind of giving physics a beta test to see if I'd like it as a career... and so far I love it; I have rented a physics book from my library and I'm able to do only a few equations but it can be difficult to understand what the text is...
  42. neosoul

    Book Recommendations for Physics Classes

    PF Family, I'll be starting my junior year this fall. I'm so excited, but I know I have a lot of work ahead of me. I want to get started this summer by teaching myself some things before the Fall semester begins. In the fall, I will use the books that I will have used for self-study in the...
  43. Emmanuel_Euler

    Classical Find the Best Physics Books - Special Thanks to Micromass

    (special thanks to micromass and everyone who helped me or answered my questions about calculus books). now i need a book or books about Classical or modern or general physics. any help??
  44. Emmanuel_Euler

    What are the best physics books, textbooks?

    what is the best book to understand general,classic and modern physics ??
  45. RaulTheUCSCSlug

    Classical What was your first physics book and why did you choose it?

    I was just curious on what was everyone's first Physics book, or what was their first encounter with Physics? My first academic physics book that was not calculus based was my junior year of high school and was Conceptual Physics: The High School Physics Program by Paul G. Hewitt, and then...
  46. anubodh

    Studying Help with Physics Books in Delhi, India

    I am from delhi ,India and have just completed my high school (3 days back was the last exam) and now there is a 3-4 months gap before the results come and i join a college.I want to pursue majors in physics and have a keen interest in research (especially space-time,dimension on which i read...
  47. Greg Bernhardt

    Other Free Physics & Astronomy Books: Explore the Cosmos

    Feel free to add your own links to free books. Let me know if there are broken links or copyright issues. A Brief Introduction to Particle Physics A Course on Thermodynamics of Materials A Full College Course in Thermodynamics A Text Book for High School Students Studying Physics...
  48. J

    What are the best modern physics books for a young astrophysics enthusiast?

    Hello guys. I am fortunate that I have found this website and I have created an account just to ask one question. I asked this on yahoo answers as well but no luck. So here goes. I'm 14 years old and I love astrophysics. I have learn most of the basic stuff and I've also read A brief history...
  49. A

    Physics books beyond gr 12 physics

    Hi everyone! I really like physics from what I've seen so far, and I'd love to try some on my own to see if it's something I'm interested in possibly pursuing. I am planning on going into computer science, but this is something that I feel I should try. Are there any books that would be good...
  50. B

    How can I self-teach physics with only an 8th grade math education?

    I am a high school student interested in physics and cosmology, but only have a math education that goes up to 8th grade (linear equations, just real simple stuff) I think I'm pretty goodarn at self teaching and want to get some books so I can work my way up to understandino physics.