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Homework Help: Optics - What is the magnification of the lens?

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    Object O1 is 15.0 cm to the left of a converging lens of 10.0-cm focal length. A second lens is positioned 10.0 cm to the right of the first lens and is observed to form a final image at the position of the original object O1. (a) What is the focal length of the second lens? (b) What is the overall magnification of this system? (c) What is the nature (i.e., real or virtual, upright or inverted) of the final image?

    a) -11.1 cm
    b) M = positive 2.50
    c) virtual, upright

    Please Explain how to get slove! (I tried to get the picture and the ray diagrams but they are not working out)

    Thanks in Advance!
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