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Testing Oral Examinations for Masters Degree

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    I'm looking into programs for my Master's in Aerospace Engineering, and have noticed that I could do a non-thesis program where I would need to pass an oral examination. Has anyone done this option, and if so, what type of questions are asked? I would guess they would need to be theory based as opposed to problem-solving?
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    Does this school offer a PhD degree? It's not uncommon for schools that offer a PhD to use their PhD qualifying exam (with orals) as their MS comprehensive exam. If so, the questions are taken from "whatever comes into the committee's heads". It can be a very stressful experience.
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    Yes, they do offer a PhD, but based off the info about their PhD program, they are separate exams.

    From their website...

    "The comprehensive exam for the All-Course option is an oral exam in the area of the student's specialization conducted by a committee of at least two faculty members of the department. Upon approval from the Director of Graduate Studies the student forms the examination committee, and arranges for notice of the exam to be sent to all faculty members of the department at least one week in advance. Any faculty member may attend the exam. The result of the exam is to be communicated by the examination committee to the Director of Graduate Studies.
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