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Origins of the western school system

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    Does anybody know anything about this? I read that members of Skull and Bones in the United States have played a preponderant part as the historical designers who chose to engineer a German-Prussian pedagogy and school organization. They wanted a U.S. school experience from the start based on purposive mass behavior modification, social engineering, and centralized curricula system (based on curricula 'castes' decided by previous socioeconomic status instead of ability) instead of assumptions of individualized discernment, learning and congnitive equality. This sounds like crazy conspiracy theorist stuff. Skull and Bones started in 1832.

    I did hear about the very old German-Prussian pedagogy and school organization system that continues to be used today, even the word kintergarden is German for "garden of children." The system was made to produce industrial workers in high numbers, with a lack of specialization. In America today it seems we go for more the sufficent-in-most-areas ideology for public schooling rather than having any specificity at all but being able to usually get what classes you want in high school. Even then, you have many required classes. What is "tracking" in countries such as the Netherlands about?

    Why do we have the summer off? I heard somewhere it was because in back in early times you used to have to go work on the farm or something during the summer, and during winter break you stay home because its too cold.
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    Right on! :cool:
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    Mk, I'm afraid the origins of the western school system are not simple enough to be contained in a post or even a thread. It's a topic that spans many different generations, cultures, and philosophies.

    Your post reads like a lot of hearsay. You could start by letting us know where you read that Skull and Bones had a role in establishing the school system, so that we could verify the source before judging it.
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    The origins of the US public school system go back further than the existence of Skull and Bones, all the way to the Puritan churches in the Massachusetts Colony.
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    The King's school in Canterbury dates from 597.

    What defines a system?

    A curriculum?
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    The curriculum is only part of the school system I believe. I was mostly asking about its structure. The grades, the bureaucracy, and anything related.

    The hierarchy of school:
    1. A system in which a single teacher teaches 20-30 kids in "core" subjects of science, mathematics, social studies, and language
    2. A system in which one teacher teaches 20-30 kids in one or two subjects
    3. A system in which one teacher lectures 15-200 students.
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    I agree with you about the fact that skull and Bones does not have any influence on original American culture--in fact, I see Skull and Bones as just a big joke of modern so-called academics. American culture was largely based on educational principles that worked well for nearly 200-years.

    As for the Christian influence in the west, it should be understood that Christianity first began in Judah and then spread to Asia and many other parts of the world in a very short time-frame. Our American culture is not all truly American since our forefathers had different beliefs (though mainly Christian) that originated from other parts of the world. In all actuality, America is truly a multiculture with the right to believe and be who you want to be.

    As for Skull and Bones? Too many conspiracy theories about these fellas, though, everyone knows that these Skull and Bones people are those who become both R's and D's. I personally could care less about Skull and Bones.
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