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Homework Help: Partial Derivative of Van der Waals Equation

  1. Dec 20, 2011 #1
    Given that the Van Der Waals equation is (p + (an^2)/v^2)(v-nb)=nRT where n,a,R and b are constants...

    How to we find the derivative of p wrt v ?

    How to find the derivative of p wrt T without further differentiation ??

    Can anyone teach me how to do this question ?

    Sincerly thanks~
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    What have you tried?

    Where are you stuck ?
  4. Dec 21, 2011 #3
    i have no idea on how to solving this...
    please kindly teach me how to start on solving this sort of question...
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    Do you know the difference between an implicit function and an explicit one ? What do you know about the derivatives for explicit functions ? How about implicit ones ?
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    If I had an equation:


    and I wanted to take the derivative of y with respect to x, I'd get:


    Ok, not too bad.

    Suppose I had:


    still not too bad if I want the derivative of y with respect to x. That's:


    How about:


    That's still not too bad cus' I'd use the chain rule this time:

    [tex](y(x)+\frac{c}{x^2}) \frac{d}{dx} (x-k)+(x-k)\frac{d}{dx}(y(x)+\frac{c}{x^2})=0[/tex]

    and that's:


    ok, now you do one but instead of y(x), I'll say:


    and I want to take the derivative of p with respect to v. Do that one, then do yours with all the other parameters.
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