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Partial Diff. equations & Differential Geometry?

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    I have two classes that I think I can fit in on my last semester at university.

    I am doing the combined Mathematics & Physics major. I am more interested in physics. However, the two classes I can fit, happen to be mathematics classes. PDE's seem like they are very useful for physics and differential geometry excites me becuz it's the first class where I will learn the mathematics of General Relativity.

    What do you think? Or perhaps should I take electronics, atomic & nuclear physics, optics, topology I...etc.
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    I believe that Partial Differential Equations is of the most importance to learn in an Undergraduate Physics Degree, it is used throughout every subject in Physics and even General Relativity. Assuming that you are going to get a graduate degree it is necessary that you have an understanding of Partial Differential Equations for Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory and virtually every subject. Universities usually have General Relativity as a course in a graduate degree and you'll learn Differential Geometry in that course.
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