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Partial Differential Equations book

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    Dear all,
    I'm interested in partial differential equations. I would like to find an introductory book with solutions methods of known mathematical phisycs equations, rigorous but no high-tech math, and one a more advanced in terms of math.

    Do you have any text to recommend?

    Thank you for your time and attention.

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    Here is a link to the post, that was given as an answer to my question. Very similar to yours I think but I asked for some more maths as well. Basically Howers recommends
    This was though given as a suggestion to a science (Chemistry) oriented student. So you might be more of a mathematician not sure.
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    It's worth noting that Boyce and DiPrima primarily covers ordinary differential equations, while the parent poster asked for a book on partial differential equations. One of the standard texts for a first course in partial differential equations is Applied Partial Differential Equations by Haberman.
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    I second Haberman.
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