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Passwords what is the trick?

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    A simple one, but maybe helpful for strong passwords.

    So your employer wants you to change passwords every few weeks and they must be at least 6 digits, containing at least one letter, at least one digit and at least one special character like #@ etc. Moreover you could only use each pw once. After I ran out of family members I tried something else. I only needed to memorize a two digit number.

    47 would get 47v$&b

    86 would result in 86h*^g

    34 gets 34e#$r

    So which password goes with 96 and which with 67?

    and why wouldn't I use 28?
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    96n(^m,67t^&y you could not use 2 because @ is not allowed.
    In many situations you are restricted to using _ or $ for symbols
    in which case your system does not work.
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    Fair enough, the basic idea is triangle patterns on the keybord.


    With 4 and 7 find the key below to form a equal triangle, the v, then repeat 4,7 with shift, giving $& and then the key next to the v into the direction of the first two keys, the b. Just to make it not too obvious. Hence with 7 and 4 it would have been the c:


    Our system used any key for password inclluding the @, but 28 can not be used because you cannot complete the triangle shape.
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    D H

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    Even though your scheme might be useful in defeating the silly password filters, it is also very easy to guess by a password hacker. Your password has very low entropy.

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