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Paying money for rocket designing request.

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    I've been looking at Physics forums few months ago, but I never taught of making an account. So now I'am motivated and I have made one and this is my first post.

    I'am 17 years old, I'am a Java programmer. I have wide knowledge of many things in the computer world. I have a gaming website 'www.Grinderscape.org'

    I love space/astronomy so I have a small request, I want to design a rocket something like this.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ1InOfwr0c", I want something near to this like I can put my own camera and some features on the rocket like the more altitude it goes more I pay. I have a budget up to $500.00 (U.S Dollars).

    I can either bank transfer or send money directly using Paypal, I can write any Agreement/Term. I will need you to help me like how I'am going to start what should I buy, how I'am going to do this. And on every time interval I send you the money you request.

    Note: If I posted in a wrong place please move this to the correct place.

    Special Regards,
    Lou SH~
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    Have you tried simply purchasing a pre-made rocket capable of holding a camera?
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    Well, I live in Dubai and they dont allow me to purchase any ignitors or motors. I really need help seriously I can pay more.
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    I would recommend finding a model rocket forum or site and asking them. It's not that we don't want to help you, it's just that a forum specifically for that kind of hobby would be much more help for you.
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    One should work up. It's not clear what restrictions there are for exporting to, or importing into, Dubai, but Estes Rockets has a large selection of rockets. They used to have one that took photos from a small camera.

    http://www.estesrockets.com/snapshottm [Broken] (now out of stock, but dimensions are shown)

    It's best to start with something small and build up to the size needed.

    One should work under the supervision of an experienced rocket designer.
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