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PC game that uses more than four CPU threads?

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    Are there ANY PC games that use more than four CPU threads? It's about time that computer games make use of hyper-threading and 6-8 core processors.

    I read somewhere that flight simulator X is coded to use up to 16 threads. Although I'm not sure if that's actually true.
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    There are a number of games that can run Nvidia physx on the cpu like Metro 2033 and a few that can just take better advantage of 6-8 cores for rendering. For physx 8 cores or better is ideal because then you can run full blown matrices for greater efficiency. I read somewhere that about 10-16 cores is about ideal. That way you can run full matrices along with at least two additional threads, but adding any more cores becomes inefficient compared to using simplified processors on a gpu.

    The new id tech 5 engine used in Rage and the upcoming Doom 4 can use up to 26 cores mostly for transcoding, but all that transcoding can be done on a gpu instead just like physics and AI. However, it also has an optional interpolation method for slightly higher resolutions that requires at least a hex core i7 to run properly. Of all the engines on the market right now the id tech 5 is easily the most unique and futuristic indicating the shape of things to come.
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    Pretty much every modern AAA title will use more than 4 threads (many have dozens), but usually only 2-3 see any real action, while the others spend most of their time idle. This goes as far back as Valve's 2004 source engine, which has tons of threads, but the vast majority of the CPU work is done in just 2 of them. Note that Windows 7/Vista may spread the load by moving threads around; be aware that load-spreading 2 threads will make it look like 6 cores are being used, but no matter how hard the game tries, it will never get the system as a whole above 33% CPU usage.

    As far as games that use more than 4 threads for significant work; Supreme Commander (and sequels), , Civilization 5, and any recent Total War game.
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    RTS and MMORPG games benefit most from multi-threaded CPU resources. First person shooter games are more GPU dependent.
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