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CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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  1. Juanda

    Reusability of nuts and tapped holes + Choosing the right material

    In the section "8-3 Threaded fasteners" from Shigley's the following text can be seen: Replacing a nut is simple enough. However, replacing a tapped part or having to update the tapped hole with something like a helicoil could be more complicated. Would that recommendation from Shigley's apply...
  2. A

    Kernel tasks - spawned threads and spawned processes

    What is spawned a process meaning: "organizing and managing threads and the various processes spawned by running applications;" In more granular terms, accomplishing these three kernel functions involves a range of computer tasks, including the following: loading and managing less-critical OS...
  3. C

    Force required to strip threads

    Not homework and I'm not a Mech Eng. I was trying to follow a discussion elsewhere about a building foundation that involved 2.75" diameter steel bolts. Two nuts are locked together on the bolt and embedded in concrete. Threads of the bolt itself are sleeved so only the nuts are anchored into...
  4. D

    Java How do I prevent threads from interfering with each other in Java?

    Hi everyone I'm making a Whack-a-mole-style game for learning katakana. I have a textView for the question, a textView for the answer and nine buttons. I have a SetQuestion runnable to show the question and answer. Each button has its own runnable that controls how long the button flashes...
  5. Frabjous

    Translation software use in threads

    Has there been any thought about a button for the poster to self-identify that the poster is using translation software? Edit: this is now a linguistics thread:frown:
  6. G

    Pneumatics connectors -- types of threads and sizes

    Hello guys, I need advice and helpI am a maintenance technician at food manufacturing place, my boss requested me to fix air leaks around machinery pointed by the external energy usage survey.The problem is I don't have experience with pneumatics installations, most of the leaks are around...
  7. CallMeDirac

    Do you think it's better to post threads or to answer questions?

    Do you think it's better to post threads or to answer questions. Assumin`g the quality of the posts are the same as the questions you answer. On the forum you gain points and awards for likes and such. Which do you think is better for points and why.
  8. M

    How to view previously posted threads?

    I've asked this before, but the website has changed. How do you view previously posted threads, not posts? Seems unnecessarily difficult to find...
  9. Superposed_Cat

    C/C++ Kill all parents child threads from a child thread in C++

    I have a C++ program that starts two threads from the parent thread, I need to kill both children from a child thread. ____> b | a - |_____> c I need to kill b & c from b. Issue is, I can't use simple flags, as c waits for input using cin. Any help appreciated.
  10. Roy S Ramirez

    Depth of NPT Holes: How to Fully Screw in Fittings Roy's Q&A

    Hello everybody! I've notice that when using NPT fittings, the female fittings usually doesn't take all of the male threads: This has never bothered me since these are commercial fittings and the engineers who designed them know what they are doing. But now, I need to make NPT holes in a...
  11. TeethWhitener

    New paper about online harassment and participation in science threads

    I thought some folks here might be interested in this new paper in PNAS. https://www.pnas.org/content/pnas/116/20/9785.full.pdf J. Nathan Matias, PNAS, 2019, vol. 116, no. 20, p.9785–9789. Abstract: Theories of human behavior suggest that people’s decisions to join a group and their...
  12. J

    Calculating Max Pull for M30x2mm Threads on Chrome Rod

    Hi, I'm machining threads on to the ends of chrome rod for use in hydraulic rams. I have a ram which will see a maximum retracting load of 10 ton (98.1kN). For this I'm considering a thread of M30x2mm pitch. The chrome rod we use has a tensile strength of 550 n/mm2 with a yielding of 420 n/mm2...
  13. A

    Cone drill bit with threads to drill in hard rock formations?

    i designed a cone drill bit with right hand thread to give friction and grab inside to give pulling force. my question is can this type of cone drill bit drill hard rock formations like normal tricone drill bits with teeth or the cone drill bit will be weak to penetrate hard rock formations .
  14. A

    Electric field vector due to very long thread

    Homework Statement Two parallel very long threads are uniformly charged with linear charge density of 10-8 C/cm . Distance between them is 15 cm. Find electric field vector at a distance of 15 cm from both threads. Homework Equations E*dA=Qenclosed/permittivity of free space The Attempt at a...
  15. I

    Synchronizing Two Threads w/Pthreads for Smooth Presentation

    Two threads share a common buffer (an image, say). One thread (visualization which has an almost fixed delay). The other, image generation can have a delay either much greater or much lesser than the fixed one. What is the best paradigm to synchronize these threads using pthreads in order to...
  16. K

    Strength of Large Diameter Threads

    Hi all, I have been assigned the task to calculate the strength of threads for the hydraulic cylinders my company manufactures. I have started doing some research and have found several guide formulas and methods to find shear area, length of engagement, force resulting in failure and so forth...
  17. S

    I Merging Two Threads: Complex Integrals & Branch Cuts

    <Moderator note: Merger of two threads on the topic.> Hello! I am reading some basic stuff on complex integrals using branch cuts and i found the problem in the attachment. I am not sure I understand why the branch cut is along ##R^+##. I thought that branch cut is, loosely speaking, a line...
  18. Vital

    Finding Threads: How to Access Older Posts?

    Hello! It might sound really silly but I don't see how to find all my threads - I see only Alerts tab, but all alerts are deleted once read. Please, advice how I can find my older threads, besides manually scrolling through the list of all posted threads in the forum. Thank you very much!
  19. Buzz Bloom

    What happened to the list of unnswered threads?

    The option to choose to look at the list of unanswered threads seems to have vanished. Is this a PF problem or is my computer messed up?
  20. Delta Force

    Questions About Non-Nuclear Engines & Power Plants: Physics or Engineering?

    Where should questions about non-nuclear engines and power plants go? Also, how can you tell if a question is best for the physics or the engineering forums, especially when it comes to nuclear energy?
  21. Z

    Cooperative Threads: Inner Class Problem

    Hi, I am trying to create an array of 20 threads to perform addition of 20 elements of two arrays. I have created an inner class. I don't know if my inner class syntax is correct or not. My code is:public class Question{ static int [ ] input1 = new int[20]; static int [ ] input2 = new...
  22. anorlunda

    LaTeX Troubleshooting Latex Tables in Threads

    I used a table generator site http://www.tablesgenerator.com/ to create this latex code, but it doesn't work in a thread when I paste it in between dollar dollar delimiters. Help please. $$ \begin{table}[] \centering \caption{My caption} \label{my-label} \begin{tabular}{ll} 1 & TW base...
  23. S

    Impact Load Due for Dropped Mass onto Bolt Threads

    Hello, I have an installation tool (which basically consists of a standard long bolt and nut) and a 100 lbs mass object would drop onto it (as if it were a hook) from about 1 - 2 inches. There are many forces to consider and I am looking into that. Since this installation tool will be...
  24. R

    How Can I Prevent Vibration-Induced Disengagement in a Quadcopter Arm Mechanism?

    Hi All. I am stuck in a problem. Please check the image attached. It's part of a foldable mechanism of a quad copter arm. The red part is fixed to the body, the grey part is fixed to arms. The transparent part is a threaded collar/sleeve. The yellow part is a stopper. The hinge is a connecting...
  25. ellipsis

    Seems weird: Most threads are questions, not discussions....

    Most original posts on PhysicsForums, in the more 'academic' categories (i.e. Math, Physics, etc), has the original poster asking a very specific question. It seems the vast majority of users just come here to get free tutoring or push past a roadblock or misconception in their learning. The...
  26. C

    What Are Your Thoughts on Homework Threads?

    Does anyone else think it would be useful to know when homework has to be submitted on homework threads? It's well known that you learn more if aren't just given the answer but are led down a path that allows you to discover the answer yourself. However the latter can take many steps and if...
  27. Stephanus

    Saving Favorite Threads on PF Forum

    Dear PF Forum, Does anyone know how we can save our favorite threads INSIDE www.physicsforum.com profile not in our browser? Thanks.
  28. P

    How to calculate how many threads I can use?

    Hi guys, Here is my problem / task: I have a 232 bar pressure cylinder (not sue what material it is made from) with a brass fill valve at one end. I am trying to design a new shorter valve so that it takes up less space inside the cylinder, and thus increasing the capacity. How would I...
  29. ognik

    Find My Threads | Easily List Own Threads

    Hi, apologies if I've missed the obvious, but is there a way to list just my threads? (Not posts) Thanks
  30. M

    Where are the "not this again" threads

    Help me out here if you will... I remember, before... a long time ago... in their respective sections there were a select few threads explaining a certain few topics that seemed to crop up incessantly. Things like why 0.(9) == 1 and that all too familiar "What if we had a really long rod and...
  31. S

    Electrostatics Basics -- 2 plastic balls hanging on threads attract each other

    Homework Statement Two small plastic balls hang from threads of negligible mass. Each ball has a mass of 0.14 g and a charge of magnitude q. The balls are attracted to each other and the threads attached to the balls make an angle of 20.0 degree. with the vertical. The balls are 2.05 cm apart...
  32. I_am_learning

    Reading your own years-old threads

    I was browsing through 4-5 years old threads started by myself, and reading them, just for the sake of it. I can't believe I was that ignorant, and that dumb sometimes. Its embarrassing to read some of the replies I made back then, how could I not get it still? But, I also find some of my...
  33. J

    Exploring Casimir Effect between Bolt Threads of 10nm Distance

    Hi. Will operate Casimir effect between the bolt threads? The distance between the threads is 10 nm. Thank By.
  34. C

    Why cant I create 1 million threads?

    I have code written in java and I am fluxuating the parameters of how many threads I am creating, the OS accounts for threads up to 20,000 and I can see on the task manager that the number of running threads increases. Then how come when I put in 1 million the program still runs but the number...
  35. X

    [Physics Equlibrium Question] A spider hanging from two silk threads

    [Physics Equlibrium Question] ***[SOLVED]*** ***[SOLVED]*** Hey, I haven't used a forum before, but out of desperation to find the solution/hint to this problem; google brought me here. I would really appreciate any help, as I am I not getting the correct answer. Thank you. ***[SOLVED]***...
  36. C

    Two bulbs connected by a tube with two mercury threads

    Homework Statement Please refer to the image attached. Homework Equations P=hρg The Attempt at a Solution My workings: 16000=h1ρg 8000= h2ρg Since ρ and g are constant, therefore h1:h2 must be 2:1. But the answer is 18:12. Why am I wrong?
  37. Sunil Simha

    Electrostatics problem with pith balls hung using threads

    Homework Statement Please open the attachment for the question Homework Equations 1)coulomb's law The Attempt at a Solution I'm at a loss regarding what to do. Upon reading the question (ignoring the figure), I assumed that the charges will form a square and thus the angle between...
  38. H

    Difference between nominal and major diameter in threads

    Hi guys: I am having trouble with differentiating nominal and major diameter, from what I get on google as well as my textbook, the nominal diameter is the largest diameter in the thread and major diameter is the distance between crest to crest. but aren't the two the same? thanks
  39. Saitama

    Finding time period and minimum length of threads

    Homework Statement (see attachment) An iron rod of length L is hung at a common point with threads of length \ell which are attached to the two ends of the rod. The rod is displaced a bit in the plane of the threads. What is the length of the threads if the period of the swinging of the rod...
  40. K

    PC game that uses more than four CPU threads?

    Are there ANY PC games that use more than four CPU threads? It's about time that computer games make use of hyper-threading and 6-8 core processors. I read somewhere that flight simulator X is coded to use up to 16 threads. Although I'm not sure if that's actually true.
  41. R

    Why do my threads keep getting deleted?

    I finally got an answer to my question by a poster on this site, and my thread gets removed. I broke no rules, so it seems some mod out there drunk with power. It is utterly pitiful, as I thought this was supposed to be a legitimate physics website, not one with corrupt mods.
  42. P

    Why are wires made of many thin threads?

    I am guessing that it is easier to produce that way, and gives it more flexibilty. Are these the reasons for wires being mafe of many thin threads, and are there other reasons? Does it allow for better heat dissipation?
  43. Ackbach

    MHB Favorite Old Threads - Best Math Thread # 3

    Originally posted by Mazerakham, August 9th, 2010. This problem is a doozy: A circle is in the plane with center at O_a and some radius r_a. Another circle, not touching the first circle anywhere, has center at O_b and some radius r_b. Points A and B are both (arbitrary) points on circle...
  44. Ackbach

    MHB Favorite Old Threads - Best Math Thread # 2

    Originally posted by tracker10 on 2/2/2011. If $\sin(A)+\sin(B)=x$ and $\cos(A)+\cos(B)=y$, then prove that $$\sin(A+B)=\frac{2xy}{x^{2}+y^{2}}.$$ My solution: $$ x= \sin(A)+ \sin(B)=2 \sin\left(\frac{A+B}{2}\right) \cos\left(\frac{A-B}{2}\right),$$ and similarly $$ y= \cos(A)+ \cos(B)=2...
  45. Ackbach

    MHB Favorite Old Threads - Best Math Thread # 1

    Originally posted by Srengam on 9/5/2011: integrate $$\int[(1-2\cos(x))(3+2\cos(x))e^{\frac{1}{2}\,x+\cos(x)}]\,dx.$$ My solution: One way to integrate involves solving a first-order linear ordinary differential equation. First, note that $$\left(\frac{u}{v}\right)'=\frac{vu'-uv'}{v^{2}}.$$...
  46. C

    Multiply matrices using threads

    Homework Statement In my main function i am filling 2 matrices. Matrix A is 18x16 and MatrixB is 16x18. Then i am multiplying them in my thread function using an array of threads. However, i am getting segmentations faults when trying to run the program. #include<stdio.h> #include<pthread.h>...
  47. R

    Cold Rolling for Power Screw Threads: Advantages & Disadvantages

    For threading of Power screws ( like in a car jack with square/trapizoidal threading ), why is cold rolling preferred to normal material removal machining ; say turning on lathe. Or is cold rolling even preffered?
  48. K

    News Why Are Political Discussions More Heated Than Scientific Ones?

    I have noticed that political threads get locked or terminated far more frequently than is the case with more scientific ones. Sometimes this is because posters wander far off the OP topic, but more often it appears that incivility simply reaches unacceptable levels. I assume that most of...
  49. rcgldr

    LaTeX What caused the Latex issues on old threads and how can they be fixed?

    See post 2 in this thread, none of the latex lines are working now (they were working before), post 4 is slightly messed up: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=306442 In post 8 in this thread one of lines is messed up: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=360987...