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Pendulum problems - determine speed of the ball

  1. Nov 4, 2007 #1
    A ball is attached to a string with length of L. It swings in a horizontal circle, with a constant speed. The string makes an angle (theta) with the vertical, and T is the magnitude of the tension in the string.

    1)Determine the Mass of the Ball.
    2)Determine th Speed of the Ball.
    3)Determine the Frequency of revolutions of the Ball.

    m= (Tcos theta)/g

    F= (mv^2)/a= Tsin(theta)
    v^2= [ aTsin(theta) ] / m
    v= square root of [ aTsin(theta) ] / m

    T= 2pi time square root of (l /g)
    frequency= 1/t
    frequency= 1/ [ 2pi time square root of (l /g) ]

    I need comment about my solution. Thanks
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    Looks good.

    don't you mean F = mv^2/r =Tsin(theta) ? and what is r?

    also, your final answer should not have m in it... you should write your answer in terms of the given values of L, theta and T.

    Not sure about part 3 (might be right)... I think it's better to use your v value to derive the frequency. try to use the v value along with the circumference of the circle to get the frequency... might come out to what you have above, in which case you've double checked your answer.
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    I got new approach on number 2

    Tcos(theta)- mg= 0
    T= mg/[cos(theta)]

    F= mg/[cos(theta)] * sin(theta) subtitute for T

    F=(mv^2)/r r=Lsin(theta)
    mgtan(theta)=(mv^2)/ Lsin(theta)
    v= square root of gLtan(theta)sin(theta)
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    plz give me some advice
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    Yes, that looks right to me. now use this v value to get frequency in part 3.

    period = 2*pi*r/v
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