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Percentage of external B field absorbed by inductor?

  1. Oct 5, 2015 #1
    Hey all, if a magnetic field source is at A and an inductor is at B halfway from C, the measuring point will the field be attenuated and decrease in strength due to a percentage of it being absorbed by a solenoid if so how would one calculate the amount, I found how to calculate energy in an inductor E = 0.5 LI^2 from integrating power equation but not any information on my specific problem. Any help appreciated,
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    A diagram would help.

    If you want to figure out how the B-field is deflected by the presence of a piece of ferrous metal (the inductor core), then the way you figure that out is with a numerical analysis software package like ANSYS or similar software. Does that make sense? Are you a student at a university? You may be eligible to use a low-cost version of that type of software if you are a full-time student...
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