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Photoelectric Effect vs. Wave Model

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    What are some things about the photoelectric effect that can not be accounted for in the wave model of light?
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    Too lazy to read wikipedia articles?
    Or do you have a specific questions to the things mentioned there?

    In addition, if you think of light as waves, a single electron would need ages to get enough energy to leave the metal.
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    The main puzzling fact is that the energy of the ejected electrons does not depend on the brightness of the light and in normal circumstances this is what we associate withe the energy of light.
    Bright light means more energy.
    The energy of ejected electrons depends on the colour(frequency) of the light and you would not normally associate this with energy.
    Also electrons are ejected almost instantaneously and the should be a long time delay if the wave picture was true.
    You will need to search 'Wiki!' to find a simple, consise explanation. Wiki is a good reference source but, in my opinion, it is not a good teaching source.
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