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Photons and energy

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    Hi people.
    I'm currently well into my 4th novel, 'The Atlas of Elegance.' it's a book about magic - but a kind of magic based around physics, in particular quantum and astrophysics. The main characters in the story have the ability to control matter at a sub-atomic and quantum level. I'm using some of the very basic principles of these subjects - the kind the guy in the street can understand, as a way of explaining what these 'magicians' are doing /can do. Lizzy, for example, can manipulate photons. I got here by trying to learn about (I wouldn't call it researching by a long shot) what the extent of her powers could be. I have her manipulating light but I'm having a hard time trying to explain how she could cause fire. Danny can teleport but I'm not even trying to explain that one!
    Well, that's me and the ordeal I've set myself. Glad to be here and looking forward to discussing and learning.
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    Hi. many thanks.
    I'll go there now.
    Much appreciated.
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