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Photoshop - can't use textures!

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    Hey people, photojournalism and didn't see any work that came off like so many images I've looked at online. Basically, the color is just too perfect (almost to a level that seems animated) when compared to legitimate professional photographers. I personally would like to learn to use equipment the right way and not rely on Photoshop to make my images presentable. Am I just late and wanting to join a dying breed?
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    Even though this question is 3 years old. It hasn't yet been answered and other people may google this search term just like I did.

    I couldn't use texture filters in Photoshop either until I switched the file from CMYK color mode to RGB color mode.

    Image===>Mode===>RGB Color.

    Hope that helps someone.
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    A portion of Photoshop's options aren't available in CMYK mode.
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    Yes. Notably absent are:

    'Make giant eyes for lolcat'
    'Add jetliner to Twin Towers pic'
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