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Physicists' Earning adn Scope of INT MS with Physics

  1. Jun 21, 2015 #1
    How much do physicist earn cause i want to be a physicist. My parents and friends want me to taks CS as my subject and do B Tech. They say a CS engineers earn around (160,000-300,000)$ a year. And they also say there is no scope of a physicist in India.

    Well I am confused so help me. I want to go for research not in CS and make money but they say money is necessary too. Now I'm thinking to take physics as my subject and go for 5 year INT MS course in some IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology). Should I go or not please reply.
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    Depends on what rank of physicist you are talking about. A full professor will earn more than a postdoc. But if you want to make a lot of money, physics probably isn't for you.
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    If your primary goal in life is to make money, your chances of succeeding could be better if you established business as a psychic rather than a physicist.
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    no i don't wanna make money these are my parents words they say all about money. in reality i want to study the concepts of nature and this universe i am totally fascinated by physics role in nature and i could know the reality behind everything by science(physics) not by superstitious belief.

    I have written this post just to know how much a physicist can earn and reply these to my parents so they also support me.I am thinking that later i will do PhD and then becoming a professor.
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    Translate 'physicist' into 'engineer', I am sure your parents would not disagree with that as a good career prospect.
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