Physics Bachelors in Europe taught in English

  1. Hello all. I registered here to make some inquires, hoping that you might be of help.

    My fascination of Physics and my desire for adventure drives me to study Physics somewhere outside my country of origin. I am particularly interested in studying in Central or Eastern Europe because of the low costs of living and rich culture. I am primarily interested in this region but info on other countries in Europe or elsewhere is also appreciated. Tuition fees and costs of living is a major factor for me, so UK and USA are irrelevant. I intend to learn the language of whichever country I move to, but I prefer to study in English. Thus far I've only found two bachelors in the region that are taught in English; both in Poland. I've been using, but really hope their list of bachelor degrees is incomplete.

    Where can I study Physics in English without paying sky high tuition fees? I am a EU citizen.
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  3. ETH Zurich is teaching in english at master-level.
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