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Physics Career vs Medical Career

  1. Mar 1, 2013 #1
    Hey guys!

    I've been a biochem major for a little while but I recently took a calculus course and received an 89 and I found that although mathematics may seem a little tedious, I truly love it. In addition, I really like chemistry but mainly the the manners in which physics impacts chemistry (e.g. black body experiments, atomic orbitals, etc). I entered college truly believing that I wanted to go to medical school, and I still do, but it seems I'm at a crossroads.

    Does anyone have advice to offer?
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    Going to medical school is a great goal, but IMO it should be because you enjoy patient (Pt) contacts. Have you had an opportunity to volunteer in a medical setting? Or have you had good contacts in first aid situations where you felt like you made a positive difference for someone who needed medical help?

    My full-time day job is in engineering, but I got my EMT cert 5 years ago and really enjoy my Pt contacts, even with difficult Pts. If your desire to go to medical school is not based on wanting to help Pts, I would say that pursuing your newfound technical passions would be the best for you. :smile:
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