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  1. brymcfly21

    Job Skills After a BS in physics, what are the skills needed for employment?

    Hello all, So I am looking for advice on what my next move should be after graduating with my bachelors in physics this May. I have quality engineering internship experience but every job I’ve applied to only wants to hire people with actually engineering experience and not entry level type...
  2. astroman707

    Physics What should be my plan if I wish to do physics in Europe?

    I'm currently an undergrad in the United States, and plan on pursuing my PhD in physics. I'm most interested in astrophysics and cosmology, and an ideal job would be a faculty position. I really want to work in Europe, and am willing to choose another focus area of physics, as well as different...
  3. VoloD

    Engineering Resume advice for Engineering/Physics Job Search

    Hello Everyone I have recently been working at a construction department for my state ( I live in the USA). I have learned so many things from this job, but I am looking for something more related to electronics, programming, or technical consulting. One of my points mentions creating...
  4. 1

    Engineering I don't know what to get a master's in -- Medical physics? Engineering?

    I'm a Physics Undergrad Junior, and I'm currently studying for the GRE's but I don't even know what I want to get a masters in. I refuse to go for a PhD in anything primarily because I don't want to be used as slave for 4+ years, and I have no direct passion in anything. My ideal requirements...
  5. S

    Masters of Physics in Spain

    Hi to all, I plan to get a masters degree in physics in Spain, but from the information I got, it only lasts for 1 year. Do anyone know if this is possible or plausible? As I know, the standard duration is 2 years. Thanks!
  6. Kelson Adams

    Physics We colonize Mars, emerging industries?

    Let's say we colonize Mars today. What will some of the leading emerging industries be? I can imagine the energy sector (nuclear power, etc.), heavy materials sector (mining, etc.) and communications sector (internet, etc.) will be robust. What emerging industries could you imagine forming on...
  7. gauss44

    Turning career toward physics with a non-physics major

    Hi Everyone, I'm in my early '30s and majored in liberal arts. In doing so, I took a couple years of physics as electives toward the end of undergrad. Between then and now, I've developed a strong interest in physics and it seems to be the one subject, out of every school and life subject...