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Physics concept that originated from an animal source?

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    I need help finding some animals whose application of physics in the nature have inspired people to use the same physics in inventions/different applications.

    Some animals I've thought of are:
    • Bats (Radar)
    • Dolphins (Sonar)
    • Birds (Airplanes)

    These animals would be perfect, except there aren't many social and environmental aspects I can talk about.

    I just need some random animals to help me brainstorm.
    If anything jumps into your mind, please post it.
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    I'm not sure your examples are inspirations, but just use the same technology.

    Dolphins & whales (submarines)
    Turtles and pillbugs and armadillos (tanks)
    Flying squirrels (gliders)
    (some) snakes - IR vision
    bees (UV vision)(hypodermic needle)
    geese (magnetic compass - cells in their brain have little magnets, I think)
    most animals - camouflage
    skunks (tear gas)
    horned animals like deer, buffalo, etc (spears, bayonets)
    venus flytrap (animal traps)
    plant leaves (solar cells)
    claws (studded tires)
    Elephants (hoses)
    deer, horses (Flex-Foot Cheetah) - they use the same energy store-release technology for running
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    I believe I've seen a trailer for a TV programme with that (ghastly) Richard Hammond on UK TV tonight - or fairly soon. The trailer seems to be partly along the same lines as your question.
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